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Quick Hits: Quarterback Derek Carr Is Enjoying The Physicality


Quarterback Derek Carr took time today to discuss the physicality and competitive intensity the team has demonstrated during training camp so far. The Raiders have been grinding day-in and day-out to continue bettering themselves as they work towards their goal of winning the division title.

Here's a recap of Carr's quick hits:

Carr shared his feelings on trying to minimize the scraps during practice.

"I like the chippy-ness, I love the competitiveness, and they're not doing it just because they don't like somebody. They're doing it because maybe someone got the best of somebody or they played a little too hard, and we don't want to hurt anybody, it's a fine line."

Carr's relationship with wide receiver Amari Cooper has surpassed the basics and they're focused on the details now.

"We're passed the point of, you know, how do I say the "Xs" and "Os." Now it's those little details that we always talk about: 'hey make sure you get to the top of those numbers, hey whenever you turn I'm throwing it right at the back of your helmet so when you turn around that's where it's going to be.' Those things that we can get to, that's the next step."

The offensive line's protection of Carr is imperative, and he loves their effort up front.

"I love them to death, I love them to death, and whenever I do something to screw it up for them at practice nobody feels worse than me. I know how hard they work to try and protect me, I know how hard they work to open up holes for 'Tay' and our backs. We're going to go as they go, I always have confidence in my offensive line."

Carr emphasized to rookie quarterback Connor Cook not to worry about the highs and lows of competing.

"There's going to be highs and there's going to be lows, who cares, just keep competing, keep competing. That's what I did my rookie year, my brother gave me the best advice, he said, 'man go out there and whip it, just go out there and play ball.' Because if you start thinking 'I threw a pick on this play last time I got to be more conservative,' no man, you go out there with confidence and let it rip."

He also pointed out the importance of keeping a fun atmosphere with the team. "That's me just being me, when I go in there it's the same thing. I'm talking trash just messing with guys, domino table, I'm always talking trash. We just like to have fun, coming out here should be fun, it really should be. If you're not having fun out here then we're probably doing something the wrong way."

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