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Quick Hits: Raiders Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr., Talks Broncos


Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

Over the course of the second half of the season, the Oakland Raiders defense has stepped up its game. In his two seasons as the Silver and Black's defensive coordinator, Ken Norton, Jr., has helped establish a solid pass rush and secondary that is able to force takeaways. Impressively, the Raiders have only allowed a total three points in the final three minutes of regulation through 15 games this season, and scored 42 points against opponents.

Prior to the team's Week 17 matchup with the Denver Broncos, Norton discussed what he'll expect come Sunday when the Raiders face a team with several athletic playmakers.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium:

Norton broke down Broncos rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch and his skill set.

"Well, you know, really good quarterback. Really good arm, mobile, good control of his throws, but very capable."

The Raiders defensive coordinator expressed his confidence in the players and their work ethic.

"We've done this before and we love ball. You just know that if you do things right, you practice a certain way and you have a certain amount of players and the guys come in with the right work ethic, you know what the result's going to be, because you've done it many times. There's a certain formula, there's a certain process that you must stick to through adversity times, through the good times. You have to stick to the process and you'll get your result."

He talked about what defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr., brings to the team now that he's back and healthy.

"Oh man, Mario is a great addition for us. His talent, you know how good he is. He went into the game feeling good and the great thing is he came out of the game feeling good. So, it's only going to get better from here on out."

Norton said safety Nate Allen has played a significant role for the team in recent weeks.

"Oh, you can tell. I mean, him being back there, everything's solid. Nate is solid, you know what you're going to get. His disguise, his coverage, the way he and Reggie [Nelson] work together has been really good."

He shared what he'll expect to see from the Broncos offense when they take the field on New Year's Day.

"As dangerous as any team. Again, our focus is on us and how dangerous are we. That's what we're talking about, our ability to execute and show up and rise to the occasion. That's our focus, on us."

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