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Quick Hits: Shilique Calhoun Talks Ball With SiriusXM NFL Radio


Linebacker Shilique Calhoun

The Offseason Workout Program is over, but it doesn't mean that the Oakland Raiders aren't busy.

Wednesday evening, rookie linebacker Shilique Calhoun appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Howard Balzer and Gil Brandt, and during his time on the air he touched a variety of topics ranging from where he's lining up on the defensive front, to his relationship with rookie quarterback Connor Cook.

Here are the highlights from his interview.

Calhoun discussed where he's been lining up along the defensive line.

"Honestly, I've been playing a little bit of everything, moving all around the field, but mainly it's SAM and LEO for the most part; trying to learn those two positions. I'm behind two great veterans in Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin. "

He then went on to share his feelings about playing the LEO position.

"It's definitely different, but it's fun. I'm having a great time doing it and I think that's what makes the game of football, is you know, being able to have fun and have fun with a good group of guys that you may not have known if you didn't play the sport."

**While the team may not be practicing at the facility, the work doesn't stop for the rookie linebacker heading into his first training camp.


"For me, I'll be training. I'm going to train as much as I can, try to get into the playbook as well. I think it's crucial to understand your responsibility in the defense; not only that, but understanding the whole defense. You need to understand the bigger scheme of things when it comes to playing on a football level, so I'm just trying to make sure that I stay in the playbook, I stay fit, and I also keep in communications with the veterans [so] that I can get their take on things as well."

He also spoke about the Rookie Transition Program, which the entirety of the Raiders' rookie class is currently participating in.

"It's very important. First, I think it was a great idea to have the undrafted players be involved in that as well because they're a crucial part of the NFL. They play a vital role as well. I think they outlast a lot of draft picks, so I think it's great that they involved them as well because at the end of the day you're trying to improve someone's livelihood, and everyone that's involved in the NFL, their livelihood should be improved. For the past couple days, honestly it's been great."

Calhoun isn't the only Spartan on the Raiders' roster, as the Silver and Black also selected quarterback Connor Cook in the 2016 NFL Draft.

"It's great. Honestly, having him on the team, just someone I can talk to, someone that I can relate to as well. Like you said, we both attended Michigan State, so we bleed green, and it's just great to have that comradery with a person, even before we step onto Oakland Raiders' territory."

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