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Quote Sheet: Lions 18 Raiders 13


*On why the offense couldn't get in sync: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"Not really sure why. Obviously, you learn a little more when you go back and get a chance to go over the tape. From a live look, we just weren't converting third downs. In the first half, we were one out of five or six. They weren't third-and-forevers. Later in the game, we got into some third-and-really-long, those are very hard to convert. Just not in sync, not operating the way we expect to operate. We had two delay of games. We're just not showing awareness of the clock, taking care of the clock and getting the ball snapped on time. So just a little off in some of those situations and I thought we had some opportunities and didn't hit on some plays. Whether we missed the throw or whether we dropped the ball, just not firing on all cylinders right now." 

*On why WR Amari Cooper struggled: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I can't speak specifically to it. I think they tried to roll up on them a little bit. He ended up just having one ball. He dropped a couple. Obviously, he's a good player for us. We need to find ways for him to get him more involved. For him to come out of a game with one catch, we've got to do a better job there."

*On if C Rodney Hudson tweaked his ankle: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I believe so."

*On if RB Taiwan Jones' injury is significant: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"There's always concern until we find out otherwise. I don't know about the guys. Taiwan and Keith (McGill) and Rodney were the three guys that didn't make it back and we'll learn more as we let the doctors see them and get any tests that need to be taken and all that stuff."

*On if he thought about challenging the play on the sideline involving WR Michael Crabtree: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I definitely thought about it. The rule, I don't agree with the rule, but the rule now is if you go to the ground, you have to come up with the catch. Ironically, Calvin (Johnson) was a guy that definitely had a catch however many years ago that was and somehow, they decided it wasn't a catch. Now, we have this rule where that's not a catch. It was a catch for Calvin, it was a catch there. If we're playing in my backyard, that's a catch, but I know how the league is going to call it. It doesn't matter if I agree with it or not, I know how they're going to call it, so it would've been a waste of a challenge."

*On his thoughts after the first scoring drive in the second half: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I thought we were definitely taking steps. I thought we came out with the urgency that we need, had a couple of good drives there. The two after the first one, moved the ball and got points, didn't go down and get seven like you'd like, but moved the ball and got points. So production for the first three drives of the third quarter and then it's almost like a shut-off switch. It just went off and didn't generate much after that. Defensively, we had some breakdowns on several things that, until we find a way to tackle the bubble to the wide receiver, not let it go for 20 (yards), it's just very frustrating. But it has to be handled better than we're handling it and we'll continue to look for ways to get that done."

*On if this loss is a step backwards: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"Anytime you lose, it's not a step in the right direction. You get W's or you get L's. We got another L today. We're not looking to collect those."

*On the problem with stopping the bubble screens: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"If I told you leverage and tackling, would you be surprised? I've said that a lot. This group, we have to do that better in our backend and when you don't do it well, some of the simplest, basic plays become explosive plays. Should not be an explosive play."

**On the pass rush today: 


Head Coach Del Rio:"I thought the front was pretty rugged. I thought the front generated some good pressure. I thought that part of it was one of the bright spots. Really happy with those guys. They've worked hard on what they're going to be about and as we continue to grow, that's one of the bright spots coming out of this thing, that we did generate good pressure up front and we just have to continue to clean up some of the other areas."

*On defending Lions WR Calvin Johnson: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I think there were some situations where we did pretty good on him and there were some where we really, quite frankly, should've been a lot better and weren't."

*On if the delay of game penalties were due to the crowd noise: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I don't think so. We came over here yesterday to get familiar with it, make sure we understand the sight lines, where the clocks are, the set up in the locker room, just little things like that to make sure. I don't want the quarterbacks to be surprised on game day if at all possible. If it's not a place we visit all the time, I like to get over and have a look at it, so we know exactly where they are. So I don't think there was a question of him not knowing where they were. I think there were just a couple of different instances there where he wasn't on top of things the way we know he's capable of him being on top of them."

*On what he saw on the safety: *

Head Coach Del Rio:"I didn't see, other than the first one was close and could've been called a safety, when Clive (Walford), I think, was caught. Then, the second one was pretty obvious to me."

*On if teams are attacking CB DJ Hayden: *"No, I don't think any one person in our backend is getting with that."


On if he felt the offense was out of sync:

Carr:"Yeah, and it's hard to say. When we come out and score no points in the first half, we can't have that. I'll have to watch the film and see why that took place, but that just, whatever that is, it just can't happen. So we'll go back to practice and do whatever it takes because that just can't happen. We can't do that to our defense."

On how much of the offense's struggles were due to the Lions' defense:

Carr:"Well, first, you've got to give them credit. They have really good players on that side of the ball. They were a playoff team very recently and you see why, and you've got to give their coaches credit. They did a good job. But at the same time, we know what we're capable of, we know what we can do, and it just needs to be better than that, because that wasn't good enough."

On WR Amari Cooper pounding the turf and getting frustrated during the game:

Carr:"You know, I didn't see him do that so I didn't really pay attention to that, so I can't comment on him doing that. But I think we were all frustrated that we weren't having the execution that we wanted. But that's part of it. Everyone's going to get frustrated at times, but I thought, for the most part, honestly, everyone kept a level head and kept their head in it. I know towards the end we still had a chance to win and that's all I was focused on was trying to win the football game."

On if he felt confident in the offense after the first possession of the third quarter:

Carr:"Yes, absolutely, because there's been times and there's going to be times, especially in this league, there's too much talent on both sides of the ball. There's going to be times where you hit a lull or things like that, then you get a drive. 'There we go, now we've found our rhythm.' We started to score points, we started to move the ball, but again, we just hurt ourselves and we've just got to go back to look at the tape, go back to practice and do it better."

On the delay of game penalties:

Carr:"That's my fault. I'll fix it."

On how the defense took Cooper out of the game:

Carr:"You know, I'm not sure if you could say, 'It was this thing or it was that thing.' For whatever reason, he didn't get the balls, as many as he usually does, and we'll go back and see why, what routes did he have on versus what coverages they ran and all those kinds of things. All that plays into it, so we'll go back and look at it. I wish I had a better answer right now for you, but I'll have to go back and see."


*On coming out strong in the second half: *

Murray:"We had all the confidence in the world that we were going to get going and win that game." 

On if the offense was out of sync:

Murray:"Yeah, we just weren't sustaining drives and when we're not out there on the field and we can't go out there and make plays and put points on the board. When we get down there, we need touchdowns."


On if the team's confidence has taken a hit:  **

Murray:"No, we'll remain confident. We'll get back to work and do what we need to do."

On the level of frustration with the offense right now:

Murray:"There's frustration in it, but this game is over and now, we need to fix what we can and move on and make sure we improve and get better this week."


*On QB Matthew Stafford's play: *

Mack:"Great quarterback. I grew up rooting for that team. He made plays today and we didn't make enough of them."

*On if Stafford's quarterback draw caught them off-guard: *

Mack:"Somewhat. For the most part, study film. You have four-wide, you think they're going to throw it to Calvin Johnson on the backend, but you have to be ready for it."

*On what the difference was in the game: *

Mack:"They came out and executed in all phases and we have to get better and do better. That will be the result if you don't execute, especially if you don't defensively. We were capable of coming in and doing that, but we didn't do it."

*On how the team can work to get better: *

Mack:"Got to look at the film on Monday. Tuesday, get back in the facility and we have to get ready and get prepared."


On if the Lions' performance met his expectations:

Lofton:"The credit goes to them. They made the plays to win, but at the same time I felt like we were well-prepared for everything they did and at the end of the day we've got to do our job and we didn't do that." 

On if there was a jolt of energy when they regained the lead:

Lofton: "I felt like we came out and executed the way we wanted to. The defense got off the field, the offense went down and got points and we've got to keep that up. We can't be up and down. We can't be up and down, we've got to stay consistent and when you're not consistent you don't win games."


On how the offense can get back on track:

Penn:"Working day by day. We can't go back. I wish we could go back two weeks, I wish that was possible, but we can't go back two weeks. So we're here now, we're going to work. We've got to get back to the basics next week."

On the difference in moods from last week's loss to this week's loss:

Penn:"I'm taking it week by week. Playoff chances are playoff chances, I don't think about that. But we've got to come out and play better. Me, myself, I've got to play better. It's crazy, you play a whole game and you have two plays you wish you could have back and it makes a big difference. I feel like I let my team down with that safety. At the end of the game, I'm going to take full responsibility for it. My team, they've got my back and I have their back, so we're going to be alright."

On the holding penalty that resulted in a safety:

Penn:"I'm blocking somebody. It isn't really what I saw, I'm blocking somebody, he started falling. I had my hands inside so I tried to let go at the end. The ref made a judgment call and called holding. I didn't think it was holding, the ref made a judgment call. I've got to find a way to make it not even that close. I've got to find a way to block him where it isn't even a close call of it's a call or not. I've got to find a way to do that myself."


On what went wrong today:

Amerson:"Really, I think just the biggest thing is in the fourth quarter giving up that touchdown. I think that kind of changed the game and that was really the only thing that really hurt us."

On how they prepared for the Lions:

Amerson:"We prepare like we do any other week. I think we were well-prepared. They got a couple of plays here and there and they got just one too many."

On if the team was out of sync:

Amerson:"I wouldn't say all of that. I think we played decent, it's just we let a couple of plays get away from us when it really mattered."

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