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Quote Sheet: Oakland Raiders 19 San Diego Chargers 16


Running Back Latavius Murray


Opening statement:

"Obviously we're really happy in the locker room right now. [We are] really proud of our guys [and] happy to have punched the ticket in post season. I want to take a minute just to, two things, one I want to talk about the staff. Mike McCoy and his staff and the Chargers, the way they have worked despite all of their injuries and we've had two tough games, very close games, against them. I just have a lot of respect for Mike and those guys and what they are doing. Another thing I want to make sure that I give proper credit to is our owner, Mr. Davis. Mark Davis. Because he has really allowed Reggie and I to do the things that we need to do to make this franchise great again. The whole idea of greatness starts with leadership at the top and him providing us with the resources and the opportunity to grow this football team the way we have over the last two years, so I'm very appreciative of that. I told our guys just now, I said we are in control of the same things we were in control of before we came in here, and that is the way we recover each week, and the way we commit to the process of preparing, recovering, and competing in each and every ball game. And we have tremendous respect for every opponent that we play. That's a great example, if you come into a game like this and you don't have that kind of respect, and you're not ready to strain and work for 60 minutes, you get your butts whooped. So, I really appreciate our guys' ability to work the way they need to work each and every day out, and that's what we're going to continue to do. We've got a couple of more opportunities and then we will add them up and see if we did well enough to earn whatever rank or spot that is that we know that we're going to be in, and I'm very proud of that."

On taking a moment to absorb being in the playoffs and enjoying a moment of celebration:

"Yeah, I like to have a good time. I like to smile and enjoy it, but I also keep the proper perspective I think is important for us to do that. No doubt I'm super pleased that we earned our way in with the victory today in the division and against a tough opponent, and yes, I'm very happy and proud about that."

On being aware of Kansas City's lose today:

"We were aware of it. Yes, we are aware of it."

On whether Kansas City's loss changes anything:

"Not really. That's what I'm saying. I guess at the end of the day it does, but for us it's not going to change how we do things. That's why I talked about what we're most of control in is the effort that we give to recovering and preparing and competing, and that's what has got us to this position I think, and with that approach we will stack up as many wins as we can and hope it's enough at the end."

On the luxury of having a player like Sebastian Janikowski:

"I'm certainly glad that we got the points we lined up for him. That's the bottom line, is we like to get seven. We got points that we've lined up for him. We've been really good. We were red hot at one point in the red zone. We've cooled off a bit recently, and certainly today. I think one for six before the last kneel down, so that's not what we're looking for but when we do have to kick the field goals, we're glad that we can line up and get the points."

On the two red zone turnovers today and if that short circuited them early on:

"I thought we were moving the ball and playing pretty good football, but a turnover when you're in the low red is tough. The good news is, I think outside of the first drive where we let one go over the top of us, I thought that we were pretty solid throughout the day against Philip, and the way that they pushed the ball down the field. They're pretty darn good at it, and I thought that we were pretty effective most of the day besides that."

On the luxury of having 80 percent of the crowd:

"Raider nation showed up. It was pretty awesome to see. It had to be at least 60 to 70 percent. I don't know what the numbers were, but a lot of black shirts out there. A lot of silver and black, a lot of pride, and a lot of happy people right now."

**On what it means to the guys to have such a huge crowd today:


"Our fans travel well. We've traveled well all year. Wherever we've been, we've had a very strong contingent and they're very loud and very proud and we love it, and we are very appreciative of that."

On what was going through his mind when he made the challenge call with [Derek] Carr:

"A couple of things. One was take our time to get a good look. We thought he made it, so we bought some time and we were going to use a timeout anyways. So rather than call a timeout and set the play, let's use the timeout as a challenge and so we did all of that and we got it."

On what Bruce Irvin's veteran leadership means to the defense:

"Well today the way he got around the quarterback was the best part about it, but I think that from the moment that Bruce arrived, he and Khalil [Mack] had a natural competition or natural kind of bond where they were two alpha males. They were going to push each other really hard every day and compete every day. Bruce has been tremendous for us and is a really great addition to the football team."

On getting big runs at the end of the half to get into a good position at the end of the game where he could lean of the offensive line to be able to do whatever he wanted to do:

"I thought we had an opportunity to hit some of those today and certainly you're showing the offensive line that you believe in them anytime when you're running the ball."

On the first and goal that set up them up for a field goal to tie the game, and if he was thinking of going for it even though he lost two yards on third down:

"Yeah that took away the going for it. Had we stayed there we probably would have, but going backwards there it was a no brainer. Take the points."

On the shotgun on goal line situations and if it is somewhat of an issue:

"Yes. It is somewhat of an issue. It is not ideal. Being completely honest about it, it is an issue that we are working through, but it is the way we're choosing to work through it right now. At some point we will feel better about going under center, we will, but until then we'll execute the best we can out of the formations we feel most comfortable with."

On one of San Diego's last drives when (David) Amerson came out of nowhere:

"He was tracking his guy. We knew what we were going to get on that route. They like that little pick route and he did a great job as a veteran of getting over the top of the pick and coming downhill with some speed and authority and making that stop."

On what it means to him being a guy from Hayward to get this step into playoffs:

"I'm proud of that [and] I'm certainly proud of us earning our way back. I talk to the guys all of the time about you get what you earn in this league, and so far we've earned a post season berth. Now over the next couple of weeks, we will determine exactly where that happens to be."


On Raiders fans:

"Once I settle down, I was very excited and very joyful to look around the stadium and see our fans going crazy. It was like a home game. They made us feel so good."

On his feelings after winning:

"I'm just happy. You saw the equipment guys high fiving each other, and the training staff too. That's the kind of stuff that makes my day. Throughout all of the fun times and the hard times, that's the stuff that makes my day."

On finishing the season:

"There's two games left, and we have to take care of business. It's on our shoulders. It's on us and that's all that matters. We can't think about anything else other than getting ready for the Colts, who are a great football team. We have to make sure we prepare and compete our tails off in practice."

On the Chargers:

"San Diego is a really good red zone team. They do a lot of different things. They have great coaches and they know how to scheme things. They're record doesn't give them credit. I think they're in the top of the league in turnovers. They are a very opportunistic team. They have a lot of talent on defense. We came into this game knowing that they are really good. We did not overlook them."

On his main focus:

"Just win. That's what we say. Stats are fun for people to look at and try to compare, but we just want to win. I promise, there is something in everyone in that locker room and I think that's why we win. Our mindset is we just want to go out there, do our job and help the man next to us so that we can win."

On teamwork:

"We said we're going to make the playoffs and we're going to do certain things. We put a vision out there. When a group of men come together how we did and continue to stay the course and everyone believes in what we believe in, then we can do things like this."

**On Raiders fan turnout:


"When we come to San Diego, our fans turn it into a home game. We always think we get nine home games a year. That's not saying any disrespect. It is just how our fans come and support us. They do a great job of it. They're loyal. They've been behind us

and they've been through all of the hard times. They've been through the hard times longer than I have. I just feel really happy for them to be there and experience that today."

On his brother, David Carr:

"He has a Super Bowl ring, so I'd say he turned out alright. Any football player who has a Super Bowl ring probably feels pretty good. He has helped me tremendously. He has been very helpful, and I'm very thankful to have him."

On the division:

"In our division, the teams that we play are some of the best defenses and teams in the NFL. We have the best division. I'll stand by that forever. It helps you. It shows you the struggle and it shows you how to overcome. It prepares you and gets you ready."

On resilience:

"Anything bad happens and it doesn't matter. We move onto the next play because there's nothing you can do about it. So why would you sit there and sulk and through a fit? It's okay to be mad and it's okay to be upset, but if you let it linger it's going to ruin the rest of your game."


On if this kind of season is what he envisioned when he signed his recent contract extension:

"I always envision that, on any team I have ever been on I envision being the best team out there. Helping the guys around, we have a good group of guys, a good group of men and I feel like I can compete with anybody."

On if he knew how tight his touchdown catch was in terms of getting his feet in bounds:

"Yeah, we have had so many of those this year. We practice them so much it was just fun to do."

On if he felt his touchdown catch was a big turning point in the game:

"They are just touchdowns, it's just a touchdown, not a turning point."

On what it means to him to him to be the person to score such an important touchdown in the game:

"I am just contributing to the team. I play wide receiver; I just do my job. That's how I look at it, I don't look at it like a game winning touchdown. We have had those this year, but I just feel like it was a hard fight and we came out on top."

On if he knew that he got the touchdown and was in bounds before it was confirmed:

"Yes, it's what you do at practice. We practice it so much, the toe tap and toe slide, and it just came alive on Sunday."

On how the locker room was when they found out they clinched their playoff berth:

"It was hyped. We were excited. We are going to the playoffs, but that is just step one. We have a long way to go."


On how he feels about the win overall:

"It was a big win for us. We are playoff bound and that is what it is all about, that is what we wanted. We are going to go back to Oakland very happy."

On the fourth quarter comeback:

"We are continuing to find ways to win in obviously close situations. Our defense made stops and helped us get enough to put us ahead and obviously made a key stop at the end so we could finish with the ball in our hands. It was great team football and a great team win."

On the back and forth battle and at what point he felt they had the win:

"When you have two great teams going at it like that, you are going to get a game like that. It comes down to who makes the play at the end and are able to finish. Fortunately, we were able to come up big on defense and we got the win."

On how it felt hearing that Kansas City and Denver lost:

"We got some help from those guys today, but again, we have two games left. We need to finish strong and finish our business and let the chips fall where they may."

On the excitement in the locker room:

"We are excited; we are in the playoffs. This is what we play for – the opportunity to go all the way. You obviously have to be in the playoffs to do that so this is a huge win for us and we are excited we get that opportunity."



On how the team feels after this win:

"We are still growing as a group, still figuring things out. We have a lot of talented players and I think we are finally gelling the right way and hopefully we continue to. It is one of those things where you want to get hot and the right time and hopefully we continue to do that."

On if he felt that the Chargers and Raiders records didn't matter going into tonight's game:

"Any time it is a division game; you expect somebody's best. Obviously, the Chargers offense has had success all year long, they have had some turnovers but they can always beat you. Philip [Rivers] can always beat you. We had an opponent that came out and fought hard today but I am glad we came out with the win."

On how the loss last week in Kansas City affected how they came into tonight's game:

"Every time you lose, it stings and centers you a little bit. You have some humbling moments where you think that if you had just made a correction, you would have won. Everybody takes their mistakes like they had a large effect on the game. It is just part of the growth. No season is easy and we have to continue to battle."

On how the defense has improved since the first game of the season to where they are now:

"Just a lot of growth, and it was all mental. We will just continue to grow."


On how they feel heading back to Oakland:

"Emotions are high, even before I caught the ball, the defense just wanted to go out there and seal the game and win it for the offense. The offense went out there and did a tremendous job today and the secondary also. We still have a lot of work to do, like you said we clinched the playoffs and that is the goal from the beginning of the year. It is exciting."

On the pressure that Bruce Irvin and Khalil Mack were able to get on the final possession:

"I love it. Without the pressure, it wouldn't have happened. Like I said, the secondary did a tremendous job today putting pressure on Philip [Rivers] and got him off the spot."

On how the team continues to find ways to win games:

"It is hard to win games in the league, it isn't always going to be pretty. I would say we still have a lot of work to do, going into the playoffs we don't want to keep making the same mistakes we make in the regular season. It is just exciting around here. I am happy for everybody in this locker room and I am just happy to be in the playoffs again."

On when they found out that the Chiefs lost today:

"I found out really quickly when we got in here, that is what all of the hooting and hollering was about. It is exciting, we are in control of our own destiny. We just have to continue to play solid football and win games."



On what it is like to be back in the playoffs:

"I'm overwhelmed. We put in so much work in the off-season, during OTAs, during training camp and every week. We worked hard. Hard work pays off."

On the keys to the game:

"We hurt ourselves with two early turnovers in the red zone. That's tough because we've been great in the red zone this year. The good thing is we're showing what we've been doing all year. We're a fighting team. We fight. We fight until the end. We fight the whole 60 minutes. We never stop fighting. That shows at the end of the day. We've got to keep it going. We've got to figure out a way to not make it so close. But I'm enjoying this right now because we're going to the playoffs."

On the number of Raider fans in attendance:

"This is my third year here and it's been like that since I've been here. The great thing is we've got good fans and they travel well with us. They knew how important this game was. We knew how important this game was. We wanted to get into the playoffs and punch our ticket and they came out here and they supported us."

On getting control back of the division:

"It feels good. Especially from where we came from my first year here to now, it's a big turnaround. I'm just happy for Mr. (Mark) Davis, Mr. (Reggie) McKenzie and for all those guys in the front office because they stuck with the plan. They stuck with it. Mr. Davis gave them the trust and it's coming to fruition now."

On if he was surprised at how well the fans travel:

"No. I knew that because our fans have traveled well all year this year. It's crazy. When you win, they come out. And we've been winning so they're going to come out. I knew they were going to come out strong."

On if the fans will travel to Las Vegas:

"I've got no comment on that man. I'm going to the playoffs. That's all I'm worried about. I like the way you threw that in there."


On if he felt solid for this game:

"I felt pretty good. Every week, I feel good. Just go and do my business."

On being able to put up points late in the game:

"Points kept coming from field goals and we got that turnover at the end from Reggie (Nelson) so that definitely helped. We help each other, offense, defense, special teams."

On going to the playoffs:

"I can't even describe it. It feels so special. I've waited a long time for that."

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