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Quote Sheet: Oakland Raiders 33 Jacksonville Jaguars 16


Running Back Latavius Murray

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

(Opening statement) "Good, solid win. (They were) a team with a lot of talent. I knew there would be some tough stretches where we would have to play good football. I thought we did a good job. I thought there was some complementary football on offense, defense and special teams playing together. Defense great in short fields, special teams helping to be even shorter fields and offense capitalizing on that. It was a good, solid victory; we needed that. We're happy to get chapter seven in the books. Obviously, we have the trip over to Tampa and spend the week there. Ready for the next (one)."

(On coming back to Jacksonville for the first time) "Well, a lot of great memories here. It was a great place to spend nine years raising the family and being blessed with the opportunity to lead the Jaguar franchise. I was very appreciative of that time. I met a lot of good folks here; a lot of good memories, a lot of good friends. It is good to come back here and get a good effort in this stadium."

(On the combination of Derek Carr & Michael Crabtree today) "They did a great job. Michael Crabtree made some incredible plays today for us. There was one early in the game on third down where the ball was out way before he turned his head around and he made a tremendous play there for a third down conversion. Throughout the game he came up big for us and I thought he play really, really well for us. Obviously our quarterback is a good player. He did a good job for us hooking up with different receivers, but today Carr to Crabtree was special."

(On having Latavius Murray back) "It was great to see him back. We got him a couple of touchdowns. When we finished that last drive, we were trying to milk the clock and score if could and we did both. He was big on that drive and it was great having him back. It was great having your best players (out there). You want to have your best players. I give a lot of credit to our offensive line who had to battle through all of the injuries, playing five different right tackles. Coach (Mike) Tice does a great job of putting those guys in the right spots. They did a great job of battling through and I'm proud of the effort."

(On Carr's evolution as a quarterback & the throw before the end of the half) "Derek has done a tremendous job this year of going to another level as a player. I think the poise that he showed coming in with us talking right before that last drive with the idea of being 'only we get points.' We don't want them to have points. We needed to be smart with how we were managing the clock there—being deliberate, but being aggressive, a perfect blend. We scored with 10 seconds left on the clock so I thought he handled it beautifully. It was an example of a young man really growing in terms of his mastery of situational football, which you need to be good at. It was a great indication of him executing at the highest level."

**Running Back Latavius Murray 


(On the road win and coming back from injury) "We knew it was going to be tough and we did what we needed to do. It felt really good to be out there and play again. I'm just happy to be back and happy to get the win. I felt good and I think now I have to continue to take care of my body."

(On establishing the running game) "It means everything and we complement each other and we know we need to run the ball to be successful on offense. Then we are able to take shots down the field. It's good to get the running game going. Definitely a lot more work to do on my end. I need to continue to get better and do some things better but it's important to get the win."

(On getting to run the ball) "I want the ball in my hands as many times as I could get it. I felt good early in the game."

Defensive End Khalil Mack

(On the defensive effort) "We were on the same page, we played well all around and it was a cool effort out there today. The coaches prepared us getting ready for the game, we studied and fortunately we came out on top."

(Was this the best defensive showing of the season?) "So far it was and it could only get better. Now we have to go out and get ready for Tampa Bay this week."

(On head coach Jack Del Rio coming back to Jacksonville) "He was cool, calm, conservative coming back here. His motto is the same: to go out and dominate and get the win. That's what his focus was."

(On their 4-0 start on the road) "We have a great staff from the equipment people, to Coach Jack, Coach Ken (Norton Jr.), Coach Musgrave. Everyone gets us ready and is on the same page. The big picture is to win the ball game and everyone is on the same page."

(On staying in Florida for another week)"I'm a Florida boy and it's nice to be back in Florida weather for a little while. Now we need to go out and get another victory next week."

(On comeback win after last week's loss) "It was huge for us to come out here and hold it down on defense. It was huge for us to get the win."

**Punter Marquette King


(On running for first down after bad snap in punt formation) "I just picked the ball up and started running. After I passed the orange sticks, I got a little light-headed and realized I'm really running the ball right now.  It's been since high school that I ran from the punting formation. I came in as a wide receiver for Fort Valley State and was really good at punting so they stuck with me."

Linebacker Bruce Irvin

(On defensive team effort) "We came out and played aggressive football on defense. Guys were in their gaps, communicated and it really showed today."

(On limiting Jaguars QB Blake Bortles) "We felt like we could rush them pretty good.  We did a pretty good job of getting Blake off the spot and get him moving around back there. That was our thing all week long, [we wanted] to pressure him and not let him sit back there and have the time he wanted."

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