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Quote Sheet: Packers 20 Raiders 12


Cornerback Sean Smith


On the game as a whole:

Coach Del Rio: "We came out healthy. That's a good thing. We started a little slow on defense. We struggled to run it, and we were minus-two in turnovers, so a lot of things we'll work on this week. Not the kind of sharp showing we're looking for, a lot of things we can learn from and move on. That's what we need to do. We will get into a typical game week preparation with Tennessee next week and give them a dry-run. It won't be quite the same game planning that you normally would do this time of year, but how we get our information, all of those kinds of things, we will go through it all on game week."

On starters playing in the first half:

Coach Del Rio: "We had an opportunity to get some good conditioning. I thought we did that. Nothing major there. Fortunately, very healthy. We need the work, so that was good to do."

On the two interceptions thrown:

Coach Del Rio: "I'd rather not have them. We were minus-two in the turnover department. We didn't generate any turnovers tonight and gave up two. We have to be on the positive side of those things."

On how the defense responded after the Packers' first offensive drive:

Coach Del Rio: "I thought we got off blocks and tackles. We just, for whatever reason, that first drive, we started a little slow, weren't getting enough blocks, weren't tackling well. Eddie (Lacy) is a good back. You better get your hat on him and you better get off blocks. That's part of the basic fundamentals of what we do. We saw signs of it, being a whole lot better as we went. It's just doing a better job of what we do."

On tackling improvements:

Coach Del Rio: "We still have a ways to go. We have a lot of work to do yet. We will continue the evaluations. We're in preseason. There's clearly a lot of work ahead of us."

On quarterback Connor Cook's improvements:

Coach Del Rio: "I've been pleased with the way he's come out in the first two opportunities. He's come out and showed poise and he'd been pretty accurate throwing the ball and running the offense and making good decisions."

On Darius Latham's play:

Coach Del Rio: "He rotated in early. He was the fourth guy in, I think, at that position [defensive tackle]. Bottom line, I think the young man has done a nice job in camp. He played well last week and I look forward to watching the game tape and seeing how we did this week."


On if playing the whole first half was planned:

Carr: "No, I didn't know that. I think on the second and third drives they wanted us to do a little more. That is what I would assume. But it was good to get some extra playing time. That was nice, and to get a feel for what Green Bay was trying to do. We obviously want to play better, but at the same time, without game planning you just have to play football and sometimes it works like last week and sometimes it doesn't."

On his interception:

Carr: "We had a one-on-one with Coop (Amari Cooper) and I had a guy coming to my right so I just tried to throw it up and give him a chance. This is the time to do it. I am risky, and at this time, maybe a little bit more risky. But I would have liked to put it a little more inside for him to have a better shot at it. But that was just a chance for him to let him go get it."

On growing his chemistry with Cooper:

Carr:* *"The one that we hit down the Green Bay sideline, that was such growth, because I alerted him in the huddle that, hey, if they play a certain coverage, to be ready for that on that particular play. They played it and he knew what to do. He ran the route perfectly and knew where the ball was going to be. That stuff where we can be on the same page, we can grow like that and do things like that. Last year I don't know if we would have done that. That is definite growth and that was good to see."

On the offense struggling tonight:

Carr: "Being out there and playing, we felt that. I wish I had the reason. I don't know what the reason was. It is hard to know, but I definitely felt that on both sides, throwing it and running it. I think it is nothing to worry about. We are going to be just fine. We will get all those things corrected and move on. We have another short week coming up."


On Green Bay's effective run game

Smith: "I can only assume that we lost control of our gaps. I would have to watch film to confirm that, but I have to give those (guys) credit because they came out and pretty much forced the ball down our throats. They had a high rushing total as a team so once again, you have to give those guys credit."

On what goals the defense has this season:

Smith: "To be a sound football team that stops the run. That is always the goal. We will also need to prevent big plays down the field in the passing game. If we can do those things we will be a very good defense. Obviously we have some work to do, but this is preseason and no one is panicking so we will just get back to work."


On the offense tonight:

Murray: "We just weren't able to get anything going. We just didn't play like we know we are capable of playing."

On the pairing with fellow running back DeAndre Washington:

Murray: "He has been doing some great things in training camp so I think we are going to complement each other well and do some good things in the running game."

On being a trendy preseason playoff pick:

Murray: "Well, if we play the way we did tonight, we won't have to worry about the playoffs or anything like that. We have a lot of improvement to do and a lot of things to work on so we will go back home and get better."

On what he hopes to improve on this season:

Murray: "I just need to make more plays for the offense. I need to do more and make the extra plays. If I can do that I will be satisfied with the results I have on the field."

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