Quote Sheet: Seahawks 31 Raiders 21


On his thoughts on resting the starters:

Head Coach Del Rio: "Short week. After playing on Sunday, we had a quick turnaround playing up here. I thought it was the right thing to do. The guys we thought needed some more work got some more work."

On his thoughts on the running game not being successful:

Head Coach Del Rio: "Not anywhere where we need to be, or where it will be. We feel like we're going to be able to run the ball real well. The last weeks have not been indicative of that."

On what he thinks of the team depth:

Head Coach Del Rio: "It is what it is. We will evaluate it, will make the decision we need to make to get ourselves ready. We will do those things that need to be done as we prepare for our opener.

It's been a real productive camp. It's been a productive preseason in terms of being able to evaluate and establishing certain things were going to be about as a football team. I think it has been a productive time. Now we put that to rest and we get ready for Cincinnati coming in. Before we do that and turn our attention towards that, were going to make decisions on the roster and getting the 53 man set and then the practice squad as well."

**On Seth Roberts:


Head Coach Del Rio:"He has done a great job with his opportunities. The number one thing we wanted to do was create competition, create opportunities for guys to show what their capable of. I think he has taken full advantage of that. He has had a real nice camp."

On who will play backup quarterback:

Head Coach Del Rio:"We have not made any announcements on that. We have not made any decisions on that. When we do, you will hear about that. I agree, I think he has had a good camp and did a nice job again tonight."

On if offensive line positions are set:

Head Coach Del Rio: "Nobody is locked in, we rested our starters, so were looking at backups. We're looking at guys that can play multiple positions. I gave them an opportunity to do that."

On if what happened out there tonight make an impact on who makes the team:

Head Coach Del Rio: "Yes, there is still some evaluation that took place and will take place based on how things went tonight. We're evaluating everything. Everything counts, certainly this last look at a few guys at a few spots will be important."

On if they came out of the game relatively healthy:

Head Coach Del Rio:"We did. That's why I think it's important to keep perspective this time of year. We have prepared our football team well. We had one significant injury where we lost somebody and that was unfortunate. Beyond that we have prepared our football team for the season. We have made a lot of improvement from where we started. We're excited about getting started now. We will finish this process of paring down the squad and get to work."



On how he felt his time on the field went:**

McGloin: "It felt good.  I knew Christian and myself were going to get the opportunity to play some good minutes tonight.  I was looking forward to it, and I think we did a nice job."

On how the competition for the backup job has gone:

McGloin:"We have a healthy relationship.  We continue to push one another, day in and day out in the film room and on the practice field.  But at the end of the day, you know, it's on you.  You've got to go out and play well.  You've got to know the offense, and you've got to perform when you get on the field.  We're having a lot of fun, a lot of fun competing day in and day out."

On if he has put together a solid body of work over the last six weeks:

McGloin: "I'll have to look back and watch the film (from) today to see how I played or give myself a grade.  There are always things you wish you could do better, or throws you wish you could have back or throws you wish you had made.  But so far, I think I played all right."

On if the competition for the backup spot is wide open:

McGloin:"You know what?  It's not my decision.  Every day I kind of focus on showing up, working hard in the film room, working hard in the weight room and doing my best on the practice field to be ready if they want me to play."

On the play of Seth Roberts:

McGloin:"You talk about a guy who was on our practice squad last year.  Seeing him each and every day continue to get better, asking questions every single day.  It's exciting to watch.  He's a good player.  I thought he played tremendous tonight; had a lot of catches.  I was happy for him."


On if it was planned for him to come back into the game after the first quarter:

Ponder:"Yeah, plans changed a couple of times. We kind of rolled with the punches. It was fun being out there. I thought Matt [McGloin] played really well. I thought I played well, wish I could have a couple of plays back. Ultimate goal is to win which we didn't do. But I think we put some good things on tape."

**On being able to re-enter the game and lead a touchdown drive:


Ponder:"It was good to get out there and put points on the board. Didn't do it in the first quarter so it was a good way to end."

On the running game:

Ponder:"They are a good run defense. We'll see some things on film we'll want to fix. We knew coming in that their front-four, front-seven is pretty solid. Again, there're going to be some things we're going to have to work on, but they are a good team"


On his performance:


Game action photos from the Raiders in Seattle in Preseason Week 4.

Roberts: **"I felt great, man. I just wanted to live in the dream and have fun."

On scoring after previous touchdown was overruled:

Roberts:"It was phenomenal. I got on the sideline and [Amari Cooper] was like, 'It's coming back to you. You're going to score.' And that's what I did; I went back and scored. I had the confidence that I was going to get it again." On what he's proven during camp and preseason:

Roberts:"Every day I come out to work. I do my best and try to finish strong. I want to be a part of this team and I want to be a Raider – that's why I go out and work hard."

On the importance of having a big performance tonight:

Roberts:"It was really important. I feel like I took advantage of every opportunity I've had. I still have to get better at some things, but I did the best I could."

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