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Quote Sheet: Steelers 38 Raiders 35


Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio**

Q: How to you evaluate your overall play?

Head Coach Del Rio:"We played hard. We played to the end. We made a lot of plays. We had a chance at the end there to at least get that thing into overtime and go against a backup quarterback with Big Ben out. We had a great opportunity, but we let them pop a little screen there. They did a good job executing the play and got themselves in position to kick the winner."

Q: What was the breakdown in terms of that screen play?

Head Coach Del Rio:"They ran a little screen. They executed it. We didn't fit it and tackle it the way we needed to. Honestly I felt like I could have put in a better call or make sure we get them in better calls. It's a team game. We have to look at what transpired out there and see. We can do a better job from a planning extent to help our guys get in better position. We didn't do that well enough today."

Q: What does the offense's response to tie the game in the fourth quarter say about the development of this team?

Head Coach Del Rio:"We're doing things. We're doing a lot of good things. We'll stick together. At the end of the day, we didn't make plays when we had the opportunity to win the game."

Q: Were the turnovers a result of Pittsburgh's defense?

Head Coach Del Rio:"If you win the turnover battle, you win the game. We didn't."

Q: Is it possible to contain Antonio Brown?

Head Coach Del Rio:"It's possible, but he's a good player. They did a great job getting him the ball. He's a really good football player. We knew that coming in. Several of those plays when he was making plays, we actually had him doubled. They did a nice job today."

Q: Will Latavius Murray go through concussion protocol?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I believe so. Yes."

Q: How did you think you did offensively in the second and third quarters?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I'm not sure how the quarters worked out or segmented. I think when we look at the film tomorrow; I'll be able to speak directly to that. I think for the most part, we moved it and ran it pretty well. It seemed like Derek [Carr] threw a lot of touchdown passes. I know we had some balls that were contested balls that they broke up. We typically will catch those. For the most part, if you put 35 points up, you should win."

Q: What do you think happened on Carr's interception?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I'm really not sure. He made decisions. I really can't speak directly to that play, that combination or that route, or what read he took on any of that. That might be the one ball of the day he might like back, but he threw a lot of good balls. I do know that."

Q: Should Charles Woodson even have been in the game?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I think Charles is a real gladiator-type and warrior-type. He has fought his way through games all of this year. I trust him to know what's best between him and the doctors. If he's able to go and wants to go, I'm going to let him go unless personnel that deal with that advise me otherwise. As a coach, you really respect and appreciate a guy that gives it up for what he does for us."

Q: What are your thoughts on your team's pass rush today?

Head Coach Del Rio:"I thought it was okay. I think effecting Ben was going to be a big part of the game. I thought it got better as the game went on."

Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr

On scoring 35 points:

Carr: "During the game, you sometimes don't understand what you are doing or how much you scored or anything like that. We could have done so much more. That's the thing that hurts me. When we lose close games like this, I'm hard on myself. I ask what more could I have done, what throw could I have made, what call could I have made. So I'll look back at it and try and do more next time."

On one throw you would like to get back being the interception:

Carr:"The outcome, yeah I'd like to have back. They gave us a look that we liked. I tried to throw it in the spot for our guy to make a play. Their guy made the play."

On the touchdown that tied it up:

Carr:"Michael Crabtree was in the middle. He had a linebacker on him. That's all that Coach must crave, putting guys in those spots to know we're doing these things and we are going to get one of our best players on their best player, who just happens to be a linebacker, giving our guy a chance down the middle to make it a play."


On the offense responding:**

Carr:"It hurts to be so close. It really does. We have a great group of guys. Not just on offense, this team is very resilient bunch. Things started to fall apart and we just kept fighting. That's good to see. In this league, you have to win football games."

Q: Was there any thought about trying to go down and get a field goal instead of taking a knee with time left in the first half?

Carr:"No. No one ever doubts what our coaches do in our locker room. I'm not worried about it."

On talking to Amari Cooper in the locker room:

Carr:"Really, I just go around every game, win or lose, and make sure everyone is alright. I care more about them as people than football players. I just went around to them. Obviously Amari was down, but everyone was down because we lost. I just try to encourage everybody."

Q: What kind of an impact do you think losing Latavius Murray will have?

Carr:"I don't know. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know how long. I just know that when you lose someone who is that type of a football player, it's going to hurt anybody. It's always next man up, especially in this league. We see it all the time. Next man up. You see those guys coming in and running for 100 or throwing for 300 yards. You see it all the time. We have a great group in there, so we'll just pray that he's going to be okay."

Q: What was the game plan for overtime and were you thinking about it?

Carr:"I can't tell you, but I definitely was. My mind was already there. My mind was on the next series. I expected that this will happen, this will happen, so my mind was definitely already there."

**On taking steps as a player by tying it up near the end:


Carr:"Probably Coach Downing, Coach Musgrave, and Coach Del Rio could answer that better. For me, it sounds so silly, but I'm just out there thinking about the next play like we just talked about. If I make a good throw or I make a bad throw, I'm going to work on that. I'll get to the next one. I never think about taking a step or anything like that. I just try to focus on my job at hand. I don't know. You'd have to ask them."

Could you tell this was going to be a physical game?

Carr:"I could tell when I turned the film on Sunday night last week. When you play the Pittsburgh Steelers, you're in for a physical football game. That's just something that you know you're going to get yourself into. That's something you get your body ready for in the weight room. It's something you get mentally ready for and all those things."

Raiders Cornerback David Amerson

Q: What did you see on the Antonio Brown play?

Amerson:"They just did a simple slant, with a go on the inside. I got caught where there was no one on the side. I just did not make the play."

Q: Take us through your interception.

Amerson:"I was just out there making a play but it was not enough to get us the win, so the play does not matter."

On the mood of the locker room:


Amerson: **"It's a tough one. It is definitely not something that the secondary is proud of. We know we are better than that. We have to get back to the board and we have to practice to get better."

Raiders Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree

Q: Did you expect this game to be a shootout?

Crabtree:"I was expecting the unexpected really. I was just going out there and doing my job along with the rest of the receivers. It was a fight out there."

Q: When you caught that pass to tie the game what were your thoughts on coming back?

Crabtree:"I was just doing whatever I could do for my team. You really do not think about it you just go out there and try to make a play."

Q: What does this say about your team to come back late?

Crabtree:"Everybody put in an effort. It was tough everyone was working; wide outs, tight ends, offensive line they were making good choices. We just came up short."

Raiders Safety Charles Woodson

Q: What did you see on the last pass play to Brown?

Woodson:"I knew he ran an in-breaking route so I was coming down the post. I also know there was nobody outside of him so he was able to get back out to the outside."

On Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown's performance:

Woodson:"All I can say is, wow. Take nothing away from Antonio. He is one of the most exciting players in the NFL but we had times when we had players on him, and we just did not make the play."

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