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Raider Nation Origin Stories: Meet Marcos Berroteran, Kansas City native and 2023 draft pick announcer for the Silver and Black


For the longest time, Marcos Berroteran couldn't necessarily explain why he was a Raiders fan. He just was.

Geographically speaking, the Raiders wouldn't be his team. He was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, home of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. However, he was also born into Raider Nation – a worldwide fan base.

Despite living in enemy territory his mother, Gloria, was a die-hard Raiders fan who raised Berroteran into the culture. Over the years, he and his family have caught grief from Kansas City locals for their team preference, but have embraced being "the renegades" among their community – describing it as a perfect fit considering he views the Raiders as the renegades of the NFL.

After years of wondering how his family became entrenched in the Silver and Black, he took took the time to ask his mother why she's a part of the Nation. He was anticipating an epic story behind her reasoning that could be shared with the masses in Kansas City. Her answer instead was surprising simple, yet completely understandable.

"As honest as she could, she said that she liked the jerseys," said Berroteran. "She liked the color combo of the jersey so because of that, I am a Raider fanatic."

Marcos with his mother, Gloria, at Arrowhead Stadium.
Marcos with his mother, Gloria, at Arrowhead Stadium.

Berroteran, a banking portfolio manager, became a Raiders season ticket holder in 2020. But his memories of going to games extend back to the Oakland Coliseum. Receivers James Jett, Ronald Curry and MVP-winning quarterback Rich Gannon were some of his favorite players to watch. He would also catch the Silver and Black in Kansas City, with the first victory he witnessed at Arrowhead Stadium being a 20-17 victory over the Chiefs in Week 12 of the 2007 season.

Throughout the years he's seen a lot of great triumphs for the Silver and Black, however the greatest moment for Berroteran as a fan came in late April earlier this year. The 2023 NFL Draft was hosted in Kansas City at Union Station, just a few miles away from where he and his wife live. As one of the few PSL holders that resides in Kansas City, he had the chance to represent the team on the big stage.

"I think it was the first or second day of the draft, they said, 'Hey, we have a special opportunity for you but we can't disclose it yet. We'll let you know.' And then they finally told me I could announce a pick," he recalled. "It was kind of crazy because the Raiders were making a lot of moves that third day. You have to be a particular area 10-15 minutes before your team gets called to be able to make the pick. Well, every time I would get in that range, the Raiders would trade up or trade back."


After patiently waiting, he was called up to the draft stage to announce Nesta Jade Silvera's name as the 231st overall pick to the Las Vegas Raiders. It was an emotional, full circle moment for Berroteran, with his mother watching on from backstage.

"I was kind of nervous at first, but when I got up there, I remember saying, 'There's only one nation out there, and that's Raider Nation.' Of course I got a loud chorus of boos and I was encouraging the crowd to get loud because I know this was our arch rival's territory. But I wanted them to know there was only one nation – us."

As the Raiders' Christmas Day game approaches, Berroteran plans on spending time with his two families: his immediate family consisting of his wife and mother, and the family he holds just as close to his heart – the collective fan base willing to travel at any length to see their team compete.

"Raider Nation is a family through and through," he said. "It has given my mom and me opportunities to make memories that will last forever, and we have the Raiders to thank for that."

As the Raiders head to Kansas City for their Week 16 matchup against the Chiefs, view photos from their past matchups.

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