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Raiders at Broncos Quote Sheet


Head Coach Dennis Allen

On the game: "They out-coached us, they out-played us, they beat us in every phase of the game, so there's not a lot of positive you can take from it. We've got to go back and go to work. We've got the bye week coming up so we're going to evaluate what we're doing, what we're doing schematically, what we're doing personnel-wise, and we've got to come up with a way to play better."

On struggling in the 3rd quarter: "I'm not sure exactly what that is but we've got to get it figured out because we haven't played good in the third quarter. I think they had three touchdowns there in third quarter. The time of possession is killing us. We've got to be able to get off the field on third down defensively so we don't play so many plays. And then we've got to find a way to come out in the third quarter there offensively and keep the rhythm going, convert some third downs there in the third quarter, so that we can even up the time of possession. It was 37 to 19, you're not going to win very many games like that."

On which area of play disappointed him the most: "Third down, both sides of the ball. Not good enough. They're 60-something percent on offense and we were 1 of 10 on offense ourselves. So we've got to improve there. We have to be better."

On facing the no-huddle: "We had some different looks that we showed them and at the end of the day, we have to make plays when we get an opportunity to make some plays. That's a combination of rush, that's a combination of coverage and that's a combination of us putting our players in the best chance to be successful."

On playing Peyton Manning without starting cornerbacks: "Well it's hard to play against Peyton Manning no matter what. He's a good quarterback. He's a Hall of Fame quarterback and there's a reason he's a Hall of Fame quarterback, but we've got the guys that we have and that's who we've got to out and play with and we have to play at an NFL level. We're not going to use injuries as a crutch. That's all of us."

On lack of pass rush: "That's obviously an area we've got to improve in. We've got to get to the quarterback. We've got to look and see what can we do to generate a pass rush, but pass defense works collectively. It's pass rush, pass coverage together and when we do put pressure on the quarterback, we've got to be able to cover them. When we're covering them, we've got to be able to get to the quarterback."

On Andre Carter inactive: "No, he hasn't been in camp with anybody, so we just felt like the right thing to do was give him this week, we've got the bye week, and then we'll evaluate where we're at after that."

On playing on the road: "Yeah, obviously we do have to play better on the road. We have to play better as a team. We've got to figure out what our guys can do well and we have to get them in those positions and give them a chance to be successful."

On disappointing day: "It was a disappointing day for all us. When you get beat like you did today, like we did today, it's disappointing. So we have to go back, we have to look at the tape, we have to make corrections, we have to learn from it, we have to play better. We have to get better."

QB Carson Palmer

On the game: "It was nothing more than a good, old fashioned butt-whooping. We need to go back and look at the film and look at each of our play – everybody as a team. We're going to stick together. The good news is we have a bye – a chance to get a lot of guys that are banged up – get guys healthy again. We get a chance to play against them again and we get a chance to play against them at home. They're a very good football team and if you don't stay on the field on offense and you go three-and-out like we did there in the third quarter -- you just dig yourself in a hole. We dug ourselves in a hole and when you give that offense – with that running-game and what they can do throwing the ball – as much time of possession as they had, they're going to score points. We just didn't play well enough. I, personally, didn't play well enough being the quarterback. I take that on my shoulders – I need to play better and give us more opportunities to score points and give us a better opportunity to win that game."

On feeling optimistic after the first half: "We felt optimistic all the way through the game. It got out of control there at the end. We moved the ball pretty well but then we would have a holding and put ourselves in first-and-long and when you're going against two pass-rushers – two Pro-Bowl pass-rushers – guys that are double-digit sacks every year, you can't be in first-and-20 and leave yourselves hanging on third-and-long. Third-and-longs killed us. We're putting our coach – Coach (Greg) Knapp – in a tough situation. There's not many good calls on third-and-long when you repeatedly have it. It's a tough loss, obviously – it's a division loss – but this team is going to stick together. We're 1-3 – we have a lot of football left, we have a bye at the perfect time – a lot of guys that are playing injured, playing hurt, sucking it up because the numbers are down. We have a chance to get healthy and get some key guys back and move through. We're at a point now where we got to go. Being 1-3, you got to dig yourselves out of a hole and just find a way to put together a drive and take it one play at a time, one game at a time and get a win each week."

FB Marcel Reece

On if the Broncos made any unexpected adjustments: "They were doing what we thought, doing exactly what we game planned for. It was just one of those days where it didn't come together for us."

On if the Broncos were surprised by his involvement in the offense: "No, we are all professionals in this game. They game planned this like we game plan. I don't think it caught them by surprise. I think it just fit into the game plan that way."

On the team's overall mood: "It's just disappointment in ourselves. Personally, I know it's not about that, but we wanted to get that for [Head Coach] D.A. (Dennis Allen). D.A. deserved this one. He deserved getting that feeling of beating a past team. He deserved that and we didn't get it for him. I guess the only silver lining is we will get to see them again."

RB Darren McFadden

On the game: "The game right there is hard to swallow. As a division opponent you want to go out there and get a win, but we just have to go back to the drawing board and execute our plays."

On why he didn't have as much success today as in the past: "It was one of those deals where I feel like we never stayed in sync on offense. We'd make a few plays here and there and then we would get out of rhythm. I feel like we just need to stay in rhythm and make the plays we are supposed to."

On if the Broncos did anything different this time: "[QB] Peyton Manning played a [great] ball game. That's what they are expected to do. They came out here and played a great ball game. We just need to try to stay on schedule and stay on the field."

On how frustrating a struggling offense can be: "It's very frustrating. It's one of those deals you hate to see as an offense. You just have got to try to keep building on it. Take some good things from the game and put everything else behind you."

DE Lamarr Houston

On the game: "We played tough, we played hard, but we didn't execute. I think we can improve. We have a bye week. Get healthy, improve on what we need to improve on and come out strong."

On his fumble recovery: "I was just doing what I have been coached to do. Come out of the stack and keep running until the runner is down or the whistle is blown. It was nothing special."

On the second half: "We were in good shape when we came out of halftime. We didn't execute in the second half like we were coached to do. We got a bye to fix it. We are going to go and get healthy and fix what is wrong."

DB Michael Huff

On the second half: "I don't think that we came out in the second half like we needed to. Defensively, we want to be a dominate unit. For us to come out and play like we did, we didn't give our team a chance to win."

On QB Peyton Manning making plays down the field: "We've got to hold up in the secondary. We have to make plays when our number is called."

S Matt Giordano

On the defense:* *"First thing is we have got to get off [the field] on third down. Whether it was missed tackles or mental mistakes, we didn't get off [on] third down today. You have got to give your hats off to them. They kept the crowd going and we didn't."

On stopping QB Peyton Manning:* *"You've got to just play with poise. That's what [Head] Coach [Dennis] Allen and our defensive coaches told us throughout the week, and we didn't. That's what happens when you don't play with poise and you don't execute."

On if they felt they were in the game at halftime: "Yes, we knew there's always a chance – any given Sunday – we wanted to go out there and have a good second half and we didn't have a good second half."

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