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Raiders at Chargers Quote Sheet


QB Carson Palmer threw for 299 yards and two touchdowns. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Head Coach Hue Jackson

I am very proud of our football team. We have a very resilient bunch of men. I told our guys during the week the time is now. We are a 4-4 football team coming in here to San Diego. We hadn't played well for two weeks, and it was time for the Oakland Raiders to stand up. I like to thank the organization, Raider Nation, everybody. All week, our guys put their head down and kept grinding, and knew it was going to be a tough game on a short week. We prepared. We make games a little harder than they should be. We put ourselves in some situations and positions sometimes that look like that were getting it, but trust me when I tell you, this football team is getting it. They're working towards becoming something special. I have total faith in this football team, the coaches and what we are trying to accomplish. It's not easy doing what we're doing, but these guys are truly working at it.  Carson (Palmer) finally got a win as an Oakland Raider. I'll tell you there are some plays that he wish he had back, but for a guy that's coming off the couch that's playing having fun with a group of men, I think what he is doing is phenomenal. We won the game and we are now 5-4 football team, leading the AFC West. Hopefully we can get some guys back healthy, but I love this team.

Those guys were phenomenal. They played like I know they can play. That's the thing what I want our team to understand. Now it's time to take the next step. We got to be consistent that way, we cannot be inconsistent. We can't play good tonight and then a week from Sunday all of a sudden go backwards. We need to keep getting better and keep moving forward. It's winning time now, and that's what we got to understand now. It's the second half of the season and we're in a race right now to win this division and represent it. We got to finish it. We can continue to do that and grow, we're going to have a chance.

You got to understand that I know this young man. I know what Carsom Palmer is and we haven't seen the best of him yet in my opinion. He's just warming up. He will continue to get better and continue to grow. What we saw tonight was even better than last week. He'll continue to do that because that's what he wants. There's a fire that burns within this young man and he wants to be good. He understands what we need to do. What we got to do is consistently keep growing him, and he'll keep growing and keep getting better, and this team will follow.

The fans were outstanding. They were phenomenal. You walked out there before the game and it was all Oakland Raiders fans. When we came out, I thought we had a little more applause than the home team. I get excited about that because these fans are unbelievable. I get disappointed when we don't give them back what I think they deserve. They deserve an opportunity to have a winner and a team that is winning consistently. That's what we're trying to do but we're not there yet. I think the guys in there understand what we're trying to become. It's a huge win for our football team and this organization, but that's just one game. There are seven more to go so we've got some work to do.

QB Carson Palmer

I don't know if I've ever been able to calculate my passer rating during a game. I don't know if anybody can do that. We had a nice rhythm going. There was some great play calls early and we called some great screens at the right time. Coach Jackson and Coach Saunders were right on it all night and did a good job up front. We definitely have some areas to clean up and things to get better at, but it's good to come into this environment and get a win.

He can be as good as he wants to be. That catch he made in the long fade was amazing. He ran some great routes. He has great hands. He has everything you need to be a successful receiver. It just depends on how great he wants to be, but I'm excited about him. He's a special talent and the sky's the limit for him.

He knows me. He knew what he was getting. He knows how to motivate me, when to yell, when not to yell, when to push buttons and when not to push buttons. I've known him since 1997/98 so it's been beneficial for both of us.

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