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Raiders at Vikings Quote Sheet


Head Coach Hue Jackson

I think as you can tell that is a very happy locker room. I think any time that you travel on the road and you win, I think we all recognize and understand that the National Football League is tough and we continue to battle and that is what I really love about my football team is that they won't quit. We got some things that we have to continue to do better and we will but we are 6-4 and at the end of the day this thing is truly about winning. We won the game and we have a big game coming up next week. Every game is going to get big. We are leading this AFC West and that is exactly what we want to do; it's exactly where we need to be. We have to figure out a way to solve our fourth quarter issues so we can score points because we didn't but at the end of the day we are 6-4.  

Jared Allen is one of the best players in this league and Veldheer battled and I told you guys after this game that these guys are battlers. He played well in my opinion. Our guys fought and we continued to get better and we have to continue to get better. We are going to get there, I promise you that. This team has given me everything that they have and we are going to get there.

I think Carson did some good things, there is no question. Carson is growing and I know that everybody looks for the big yards, but that is not what winning a football game is all about. It is about leading your team to victory and that is what he did. The last two weeks he is 2-0 and he has gotten better. We didn't turn it over today and I think that was a huge improvement. What we have to do is to keep getting better that way and we will be fine.

QB Carson Palmer

We had a couple opportunities to get the ball inside our own 50 and one time inside our own redzone. You like to get seven points every time obviously but the main thing I think we need to look at is the fourth quarter and finding ways to finish the game in the fourth quarter. Like coach Jackson said, we haven't played a complete football game yet and it's scary to think when we do what it's going to look like.

Well for being a young team, you know it's rare to come on the road and play a big game on national television and then come back to a team that's kind of reeling with some losses and play at their place across the other side of the country and play in this environment. It's loud, it's intense, they needed a win desperately and they're willing to do anything. So it shows that we do have a young team, but we're resilient. We'll fight to the end and this team just wants to win.

RB Michael Bush

It feels good. In the past we haven't been consistent on the road. Are we 4-1 on the road now? I'll take it any day.

FS Michael Huff

I think we're 4-1 on the road this year. We've been playing well on the road. We know that we control our own destiny. We're leading right now and we've got to keep this thing going and hopefully get to the playoffs.

He's a great quarterback, he's going to be good and he has a lot of potential. With three picks today, we made plays when we needed to.

S Matt Giordano

I don't think my play changed the complexion of the game. I also have to thank the coaches. They told us that play was a tendency of theirs. Luckily I recognized it and praise to God that I made the play.

DT Richard Seymour

Any time you get a win in this league, it's always big. They have a lot of good players on that side of the ball. I don't think their record is really indicative of the type of players that they have over there. We knew that coming into the game; they were always going to fight and battle. Things just haven't gone their way this season. We are just fortunate enough to come out and get a win.   

We are just taking it one game at a time.  You don't win anything when you are a little past mid-season. There is still a lot of football left to be played. As you know, teams blow the lead in the third and fourth quarter. We are just going to take it one game at a time. We will enjoy this win and look forward to Chicago next week. 

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