Raiders center Rodney Hudson announces on social media he completed his master's degree


Rodney Hudson is a cerebral player.

The Oakland Raiders center has been a fixture on the offense since 2015, and Derek Carr credit's Hudson as the best player he's ever played alongside because of his ability to break down the game mentally, and dissect the opposing formation and relay the information to his teammates.

While Hudson's methodical, tactical approach to the game has made him a premier center in the NFL, he decided to apply that same strategy in the classroom and get his master's degree.

Over the weekend, the Mobile, Ala., native announced via Instagram that he'd completed his masters from Nova Southeastern University and graduated.

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Completing the bachelor's degree is an achievement in itself, but going one step above and getting your MBA?

Good for you, Rodney.

It's a feat that Head Coach Jon Gruden couldn't help praise Hudson for.

"He's graduated from pass protection [university], run blocking state, and now he's got his master's in business," Gruden told the media before the first day of Mandatory Minicamp Tuesday. "That just certifies the kind of guy you're dealing with here. He's a great player on the field, one of our captains and true team leaders. He's as tough a guy as we have. I've seen him play with kidney stones and various ailments. To get a master's degree is a huge accomplishment and I compliment him until the day's end. He's special."

Hudson wasn't the only player to wear a cap and gown this offseason though. Jalen Richard graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2016, but wasn't able to walk at his graduation because he was pursuing his dream with the Raiders; however, he finally got that chance in May.

Congratulations to both Richard and Hudson for all of their accomplishments on and off the field.