Game Day Mailbag Questions Answered


We asked you to submit Game Day questions via social media and Senior Editor Jerry Knaak has answers.

Nelson C- Are the Raider's gonna show us their fast pace offensive scheme in the pre-season or let it loose in the regular season?

JK: I think most teams are very vanilla in the preseason. The Raiders will more than likely follow suit and worry more about getting in and out of the huddle cleanly, minimizing mistakes. You don't want to open up the cupboard and put too much on film. That, and you want to get through these games healthy.

Mike O -Does Del Rio consider winning preseason games important to start on track or no big deal?

JK: I'm not sure any coach puts much stock in winning preseason games. Two teams went 0-4 last year and went deep into the playoffs. Of course, you ALWAYS want to win, but health, evaluation and execution are the important factors.

Margie W - How is the team dynamics, what is significantly different from last/previous year/s?

JK: Energy in practice is through the roof. The team doesn't waste time or energy moving from drill to drill. There are more than 100 years of playing experience on the coaching staff. These guys know how to do it and they appear to know how to teach it.

David M- What's going on with the o line, have the holes on the right side been squared away?

JK: That will start to shake out tonight. J'Marcus Webb has been a pleasant surprise at right guard, Khalif Barnes is in the mix and Menelik Watson and Austin Howard are battling it out for the right tackle. This should be fun during the preseason. We'll see where rookie Jon Feliciano slots in.

@pkeane who is the looking like the front runner (so far) for the starting tight end position: Clive Walford or Michael Ryvera?

JK: Since Clive Walford missed a week and a half of practice, this battle is going to be very interesting. Walford has made some plays since returning, but Rivera has made plays since the day camp opened. May the best man win.

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