Raiders HC Jack Del Rio: "It says a lot about us"


Opening statement:** "It's good to get started on the road. This was our first game on the road. Chapter 3 for us, and we like the way it was written."

On Raiders S Charles Woodson's interception during the last play of the game:

"Charles has had a number of interceptions over his storied career and came up big for us there. He made a nice play and got his feet in. He had a good hold on it and got his feet down so it was a great end. You know, games in the NFL are close every week. Some teams are able to make a play at the end, and we came up with a big one there."

On the Raiders recently making big plays during the last plays of games:

"It says a lot about us. We're aware in this league that it's going to be tight at the end, and it's the teams that make the end that win. We've worked a lot of situations before. We executed there at the end to win. It could have gone differently and a lot of different ways. At the end, we made enough plays to win the ball game."

On the many flags that were thrown during the game:

"There seem to be an awful lot of flags in the air right now. I don't know, it's not my job to throw flags. I just try to teach our guys how to play within the rules, and we'll keep working."

On the importance of the goal line defense at the end of the first half:

"I think getting them to stop and then offensively going down and scoring ourselves was a big turnaround. It was excellent football for our defense to not yield once we let them down there and forcing them to kick the field goal. Offensively, we took that opportunity very efficiently and got seven points."


Game action photos from the Raiders Week 3 win over the Cleveland Browns.

On the importance of getting to a good start on the road:**

"I think being crisp early, making plays, moving the ball, and scoring points tends to quiet the home crowd a little bit. You saw at the end when we were allowing them to close the gap that it got very loud. It wasn't like that most of the day. That's part of that I talked about earlier in the week when we said that they'll only be as loud as we let them. That's very true, and you learn on the road over the years of playing this league that the fans come here fired up and ready to make a lot of noise if the home team is playing well."

On Raiders WR Amari Cooper's performance:

"He's a talented guy that we're fortunate to have. Off to a terrific start for his career. I think the way he conducts himself every day and the seriousness in which he pursues his profession and tires to work on his skillset are what allow the guy to have that kind of start to his career." * *

On Raiders RB Latavius Murray's performance:

"I'm very pleased to see the running game go like that. I'm pleased that we were able to convert enough on third downs and give him enough touches so he could do those things. I feel like we've run it pretty efficiently. The first couple weeks, we just haven't had as many touches, but we had more touches today and he showed what he's capable of." "He's a terrific runner so if we give him enough room, he's going to rip off a few of those long runs. He has excellent speed and finish-ability. That's part of us creating those holes and taking advantage of it."


Photos of fans, events and more on Game Day in Week 3 at FirstEnergy Stadium.

On the defensive strategy:**

"I think the pressure was really strong throughout the day. I think we ended up with four, five, or six sacks, somewhere in there. There were a lot of other times when he (QB Josh McCown) was pressured. It's getting better. The coverage was good for a long portion. We had a few lapses there and some things that we'll correct, but all in all, I thought it was a really good effort."

On the decision to put Raiders CB TJ Carrie at safety:

"He's just a good, smart, tough football player. I asked him to do that for us, and I think we saw results in the first half. It was a strategic move to utilize some of our key players in certain situations. He's a terrific football player and a great young man. He took on the challenge and played the role we asked him to do very well. We like to draw plans specific for the teams we're playing offensively, defensively and special teams. They'll be some obvious carryover, but we like to make sure that we're planning each week for that specific opponent."

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