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Raiders House Band singer wins big on FOX's 'Don't Forget the Lyrics!'


Raider Nation continues find ways to represent the historic brand to the fullest, whether it's at Allegiant Stadium or on a FOX game show competition.

Fletch Walcott, a singer in the Raiders House Band that can be heard at Allegiant Stadium on gamedays, recently appeared on FOX's musical game show 'Don't Forget the Lyrics!' and showcased his lyrical talents. The game show consists of contestants attempting to sing the correct lyrics of popular songs spanning over several genres. If a contestant guesses the correct lyrics to all 10 songs, they go home with $1 million.

Walcott went on a tear guessing six songs correctly. He halted on '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' by The Rolling Stones before deciding to stop his run and go home with the $150,000 he earned. He said that what he'd already won would be just fine for him and his family.

"I'm thinking about my family. I'm thinking about my city. I'm thinking about my friends," Walcott said on the taping of the show. "It's not worth it to risk this money right now. I've got to walk away."

Walcott gets his next opportunity to show off his pipes to Raider Nation at the preseason home opener against the Minnesota Vikings on August 14.

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