Raiders Linebacker Khalil Mack Determined to Get Better in 2015

Linebacker Khalil Mack spoke to the media Thursday, following the team's final day of Mandatory Mini-Camp.

During his media session he talked about his reaction to making the NFL's Top 100 Players and the energy the new coaching staff has brought to the building.

Making the Top 100 Felt Good

Mack made the NFL's Top 100 Players this year, checking in at No. 49, and the second-year linebacker appreciated receiving the honor from his fellow players.

"It tells me that hard work pays off in a sense, and that they see the hard work and effort I put into playing these great games on this great level."

He Has Big Expectations

The former Buffalo Bull had an impressive rookie campaign, but Mack has even bigger expectations for himself heading into 2015.

"You go out and get better every day. Like right now, we're out there grinding. Just putting in the effort right now, and that's what it's going to take to have those results during the season next year."

Coach Sal Sunseri is Detail Oriented

"The level of detail that Coach Sal [Sunseri] has when he watches film – he watches everything from your attitude when you're in meetings; he watches everything that you do. You have to respect it because he's a great coach and I've seen some of the things help me in my play."

He's Put on Some Good Weight

Mack has put on some weight this offseason, but how much, he's not willing to share.

"Yeah. I put on a little something. I put on a little something."

Mario Edwards Jr. has Potential

The Raiders selected defensive lineman Mario Edwards Jr., in the second round of the 2015 Draft and Mack can already see his potential.

"He [Edwards Jr.] has great potential. He has a lot of potential to be great. It'll take time, but he's going to get there. We're going to make sure he gets there."

Energy is the Name of the Game

Mack's initial takeaway from the offseason program? The new coaching staff in Oakland isn't lacking energy.

"It's a lot of great energy; a lot of positive energy, especially from [Head Coach Jack Del Rio] and [Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr.], being in that room with him is exciting and he gets you excited to do your job, and you love it even more because you see how much he loves it."

Mack Still Plays With a Chip on His Shoulder

Even though Mack was one of the top defensive rookies in the NFL last year, he still plays with a chip on his shoulder – a chip that dates back to college.

"It [his work ethic] comes from getting one scholarship and going to Buffalo, knowing that there's guys in the SEC and all those big conferences that are good and great. I had a lot of space between Buffalo and those big conferences, so I had to do a lot of work in order to get to that level in my mind, and I'm still the same way."

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