Raiders Players Sound Off on Coaches


Head Coach Jack Del Rio leads the Raiders through Organized Team Activities (OTAs). Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Compiled by Tyler Moorehead

This offseason, the Oakland Raiders hired Jack Del Rio as the team's head coach. Del Rio brought in a whole new coaching staff. Raiders players worked with their new position coaches and coordinators for the first time throughout the 2015 offseason program including strength and conditioning, mini-camps and OTAs.

The players are relishing the opportunity to play for a coaching staff that offers over 100 years of professional playing experience.

Linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong on playing for two coaches (Head Coach Jack Del Rio and defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.) with NFL playing experience:

"It's amazing. Just knowing that he's not just a coach, but he's done it before. He's done it at this level, playing at a high level. Coming from them, it means a lot more just knowing that they went through the same process that I'm going through now. Just take that advice and run with it."

Linebacker Khalil Mack on linebackers coach Sal Sunseri:

"I mean, the level of detail that coach Sal has when he watches film. He watches everything from attitude when you're in meetings. He watches everything that you do. There are certain postures**and certain things that knows and those are the things that he's seen over the years from great players that he wants to influence us to do as well. You've got to respect it, because he's a great coach and I've seen some of his things help me in my play."

Get to the know the Raiders 2015 coaching staff in photos from the veteran mini-camp.

Running back Latavius Murray on running backs coach Bernie Parmalee:*

"He fits in well. I love the energy he brings every day. He's pushing us every day to bring the best out of us."

Defensive end Justin Tuck on the different feeling coming into OTAs this offseason compared to last:

"It's different. I think this staff has come in with a mindset that they're going to speed things up and give us different, just a different practice atmosphere. You've got music out there. You've got coaches running around and yelling and really driving you to play fast, practice fast. So yeah, it's a little different."

Cornerback TJ Carrie on what defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. brings to the huddle and the meeting room:

"Energy. High energy. Serious belief. The mental focus that he has in changing our mentality as far as the mind and making us believe, within everything that we do, from waking up in the morning, driving here to work, lacing up your cleats, everything. Everything that he is installing from presentations that he's been giving us has been a real mental focus. I think coming in to meeting rooms, you're excited because you don't know what he's going to say or what he's going to do."

Wide receiver Rod Streater on the new strength and conditioning staff and program:

"I like it. I feel like we're all getting stronger. It's a lot of different things. It's conditioning-wise – we're on bikes. We're doing a lot of things. I feel like it's really carrying over to the field, because a lot of us feel great on the field."

Linebacker Curtis Lofton on learning from Head Coach Del Rio and defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. with their NFL playing experience:*

"To me, that was one of the things that was appealing about coming here. You've got two linebackers that played in the NFL for many years. That's a ton of knowledge and experience. As I'm getting older in my career; I'm still young now, but as I get older in my career, that is something I can lean on and learn from. I can pick their brain and they can take my game to the next level."

Offensive Tackle Donald Penn on the addition of Mike Tice as offensive line coach:

"He's a great guy. He keeps it loose, makes sure we are working when we need to work. He is a former player, so he has a better understanding of guys' bodies and knows when we need to rest. The best part is he really keeps the room loose and keeps it going. Me and Khalif [Barnes] police it, but make sure the young guys know that when it's time to work, we need to work. When he's cool and we're loose, we're loose, but when it's time to work, we work. I think we've been doing a good job of being loose when he wants us to and working when we need to work."

Center Rodney Hudson on offensive line coach Mike Tice:

"You know, I'm excited. I'm excited to be able to work with him and get better, not only for myself but as a group. He's a good coach. He's been around for a lot of years and I'm looking forward to it."

Safety Charles Woodson on the energy of defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. and how important that is to this team:

"It's fun. Different, just because of how fired up he is every day. Every morning when you walk in, he's the one guy that you're going to hear in the building. When you come in and you hear him, you almost have to be ready for work. It's been great. I think the guys have responded to him and his style. I think it's going to be fun to get a chance to work with him."

"We need it. My take is that, the last couple of years that I've been here, it's been three wins and four wins. Whatever different that comes in and feels good, you welcome it. We feel good about not only him, but all of the guys that they've brought in. They all have that fire. It's been fun."

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