Raiders QB Derek Carr: "I always take all the accountability"


Q: Do you see this today as a net game or is it a negative one?**

Carr:"For us, our goal to is to win the division so when you lose a division game it's hard because there's no moral victories for us. We feel we can compete with everybody and we fill like we can win games, but we're young and we're learning how to do that. We have to continue to grow and now. We've got to get better now so that we can pull these kind of games out."

Q: What happened on the interception that was meant for Seth Roberts?

Carr: "They brought a pressure and we were hot so I was throwing my hot and we just didn't execute."


Q: What's it like to see Charles Woodson play at this level at his age?**

Carr: "Oh man. To watch someone like that, he's first ballot. That's what we call him. He showed it today against one of the best to ever play the game. It's kind of funny, you think that stuff would surprise you coming from him, how old he is. It doesn't surprise us. We kind of expect it, so that's probably the weirdness in that, is that we expect him to do things like that. I think that he played awesome."

Q: How much accountability do you take for these last couple games? They are going to look to someone to take the accountability.

Carr:"Look to me. I'm going to be the same guy every day. Whether we win by five touchdowns, lose by five, lose a close one, win a close one, I'm the same guy everyday. I think that when something like this happens, look to me, because I'm going to be the same guy and show them which way to go."

Q: So are you saying you take more accountability for this loss?

Carr:"I always take all the accountability."

Q: Where do you see a game like this fitting in terms of your progress and development as an NFL quarterback?

Carr: "First of all, we have to give them credit. They are the number one defense in every stat and they competed and they outperformed us obviously today. We didn't get enough points. As an offense, we just need more points. Development and all that, I don't even think about that stuff. I just try and watch the film and I'll just try and grow from it. Where can I be better situationally? Where can I be better so on and so forth? I don't look at it from a development standpoint. I just say, man, because I want to win and we can. We've shown that we can. I just try and correct it and move on to the next one."

Q: What happened on the 4th-and-19 when you ended up throwing short?

Carr:"So, it was a screen. We had a screen and that was the call we went with. I've seen a lot of those convert and stuff like that in situations like that, but they stopped us. They just got us."


Q: Was it tough trying to throw the ball down field in the 2nd half?**

Carr: "Yeah. They, again, did something similar to Chicago and played a lot of two-man and tried to disguise that two-man with one-hot looks. We were able to hit some seam routes, but the corners they do a good job of staying on top. They're really good players, but I feel like there's a lot that we can look at and say I wish that one back or things like that."

Q: It was a tough day for Sebastian Janikowski, did you guys have to say anything to him on the sidelines?

Carr: "No, he's been doing this way longer than I've been doing this and there's no one on that field that needs to go say something to him. He's the same way as all of us. When adversity hits, you just keep grinding and keep working.  That's all you can do. He'll probably want results now, but sometimes you just have to keep working through those hard times. I love Sea Bass, he's one of my favorite people." * *

Q: On the interception, was it just a miscommunication?

Carr: "Yeah.* *We had pressure and I threw the hot and it just didn't work out our way."

Q: How does it feel to have two straight losses coming in painful fashion with turnovers?

Carr:"Yeah, it's hard. It's really hard because we feel like we left some on the field. We feel like we've left wins out there and as we're learning, this league is so close, you're so close in all these games that you can't let missed opportunities happen. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. Today they outplayed us and won."

Q: What's it going to take to rekindle that spark that we saw earlier this season?

Carr: "Well there was definitely energy and a spark today. I'll tell you that. I don't think anyone thought that we'd even come close to beating them and the whole week we thought we were going to beat them. They thought the same thing in their locker room. The spark is there. There's nothing wrong in the locker room or with us. We're going to come out and we're going to play hard. We just need to win."

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