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Raiders running back Josh Jacobs has been approached for a biopic about his life story

Before he was selected with the Oakland Raiders' No. 24 overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, Josh Jacobs was a kid living in his dad's car, struggling to make ends meet. Despite being raised with little to no money and dealing with more adversity than many adolescents encounter, he remained focused on his dream of making it to the NFL.

His hard work paid off, and after a remarkable career at the University of Alabama, Jacobs was the first running back off the board in the NFL Draft. In addition to having all the skills necessary to excel as a feature back, the story of how the 21-year-old got here has caught the attention of movie producers.

The opportunity to have his story told on the silver screen is obviously an intriguing proposition, and it's given him something to think about.

While it's certainly possible we see a film about Jacobs sometime down the road, he knows he has a lot to prove, and the rest of that potential script is still unwritten.

Raider Nation, what do you think about the idea of Jacobs being featured in a biopic?

Me? I've got my popcorn ready.

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