Raiders Veteran Special Teams Battery Not Fazed by Rule Change


Long snapper Jon Condo (59) congratulates K Sebastian Janikowski after a successful kick during the 2014 season. Photo by Tony Gonzales/

Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski and long snapper Jon Condo are certainly mindful of the new Point After Try (PAT) rules the NFL approved recently. They just aren't going to let it affect them.

Prior to the change, the extra point was taken from the 2-yard line, but is being pushed back to the 15-yard line in 2015.

Two-point conversions will remain spotted at the 2-yard line. Defenses can now return a two-point conversion attempt for two points themselves – something that wasn't allowed in years past. PATs will go from approximately a 20-yard attempt to a 33-yard attempt going forward.

"It is what it is. It's a rule you have to follow," Janikowski said. "It's going to make a difference in late games, November, December, windy games, snow.  [It's] going to be a difference in the games win or lose."

Condo added that no matter where the ball is placed, the job remains the same.

"The NFL decided to make the game a little more interesting, whether we kick the ball from the two or the 15, I still have to do the same thing," Condo said. "I still have to snap the ball eight yards, Seabass still has to put it through the uprights. We're not going to do anything differently."

Janikowski, who was perfect on field goal attempts from 40 yards and in last season, said there will be some strategies developed but the kickers will adjust.

"There's going to be a strategy, probably a lot of coaches are going to go for two," Janikowski added. "It's not going to be a gimmee, percentage is going to be lower I think. The guys in this league are so good, we're going to adjust to it."

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