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Raiders vs. Jaguars Quote Sheet


DT Richard Seymour sacks QB Chad Henne in overtime. AP Photo

Head Coach Dennis Allen

On the game: "Yeah, we feel good about winning. That's what you're supposed to do in this league; you're supposed to win games. Am I pleased with the way that we played, especially in the first half, absolutely not. We've got to play better. Any time you get an opportunity to win in the National Football League, you can't ever take that for granted, so yeah, I'm happy that we won the football game."

On if he feels like the team stole the game: "No, I feel like our guys hung in there and competed until the very end. I thought their guys played exceptionally hard, exceptionally well, but I don't think you steal wins in the National Football League. I think, at the end of the day, you make enough plays to win a game. I thought our guys did that today."

On whether he takes more from the way the team played in the 1st half or the 2nd half: "A little bit of both. Obviously, they played exceptionally well in the first half. We did not play as well as we feel like we're capable of playing. We came back out and we competed in the second half, played a lot better. There's a lot of things we've got to get cleaned up tomorrow when we watch this tape. So there's going to be a lot of things that we can learn from this game, both first half and second half."

On overcoming the turnovers: "I think it's a credit to the players in that locker room. I think they really believe that we can win football games. I thought the defense played exceptionally well today and gave ourselves a chance to hang in there until the very end. Fortunate enough to come up with the fumble there at the very end and able to kick the field goal through and win it."

On Palmer's short-term memory: "That's what the good ones do. He was able to stay in there and continue to compete. He made enough plays to give us a chance to win the game."

On the pass interference play: "I think we felt confident in our ability to go up and make a play down the field. Carson's got confidence in those guys that go up and either make a play or draw a penalty and that's what we were able to do on that play."

On the success of the no-huddle offense: "That's been something that we've had in our offense for a while now. We're not going to be just a no-huddle offense and use it exclusively, but it will be something that we're going to use from time to time to maybe help us get in a little more rhythm or give us a little spark. I felt like it did that today."

On if no-huddle was a halftime adjustment: "It's always in our game plan but that was a halftime adjustment that we felt like we needed to do to try to provide a spark. It worked."

On the Jaguars front seven: "They won the battle up front about it; there's no question about it. We weren't able to run the ball effectively. We had too much pressure on the quarterback, so that's going to be something we're going to have to look at and we have to get that corrected moving forward."

On if hustle plays are Lamarr Houston's modus operandi: "Yeah, it is. That's the type of effort that we're looking for. Those are the type of plays and type of players we're looking for, the guys that are going to give that type of effort on a down in and a down out basis. I think when he continues to play that way, he'll continue to make plays."

On Rolando McClain: "He's in our base package. Every week is different. We'll have to see what Kansas City is going to do and what their plan of attack is going to be next week. I think everybody's play time is basically determined how opponents try to attack us. It's a match up game in the National Football League."

On Miles Burris: "Just initially, I thought he did some good things. Obviously we'll have to get in there and take a look at the tape and really get a better feel for what Miles did in the game. He plays extremely hard. He made a couple of nice plays in the game."

On the Jaguars deep touchdown pass: "We didn't play that exactly like we needed to. We really should have had that guy doubled. I think Ty [Tyvon Branch] kind of bit up a little on the double-move part of it. We didn't execute. They did a nice job of protecting it. They had a good play up and they beat us on that play."

On the first half: "I don't think we came out and executed the way we need to execute. We've got to play better than that in the first half and whatever the reasons were for that, we've got to come and we've got to play better to open up the game."

QB Carson Palmer

On the game: "An ugly win is better than a pretty loss, I know that. I've played this game long enough to know that just finding anyway to get a win against a desperate team, a team that's kicking onside kicks with a 14 point lead and changing things up. [I'm] just proud of the game we fought because it wasn't pretty but we did not play up to our standard or play the way that we were coached at times but guys hung in there. Defense played great. They kept getting us the ball back and it was good to get out of here with a win."

On the no-huddle offense: "We tried them out a little bit especially in their secondary. They went down a corner and only had like three real corners left. So, we got them tired, kept things off balanced, and it was a great halftime adjustment by Coach [Greg] Knapp and the rest of the crew."

On offensive plays in the second half: "The play in the second half was the difference. We did not play a good first half but we came alive in the second half and the defense kept getting us the ball back and kept making plays for us."

On offensive adjustments: "That was a desperate team. They needed a win and did some uncharacteristic things coming off of a bye [week] that they hadn't previously shown.  We kept countering it on the sideline with the coaches, and kept slowing them down. That front four doesn't have a ton of sacks but they get after the quarterback and they were relentless. We did a good job up front the second half especially giving us some time to get the ball out side to the receivers."

On the overall play: "It shows signs of a team that doesn't give up. Coaches are all over us and harp on the little things. We didn't do a good enough job as players doing all of the little things. I didn't do a good enough job doing all of the little things right and that's what practice is for. We have to continue to work in practice and we've got a big division game coming up this week in Kansas City so we've got to find a way to get a win there, too."

On his interception:  "I should've just taken the sack. I had [RB] Mike Goodson open in front of me and I was stumbling and trying to flip him the ball and I can't put our defense in that situation. I tried to flip it to him and just as I was going down I flipped it over his head. They made a good play on it but that's something that I can't do. I've got to learn from it."

On Jacksonville's defensive pressure: "They did a good job. Defensively, they've had some bad games at home but they played really well on defense on the road and they had some good pressures. They had some different things that they worked on last week and during the bye week and obviously watched us. We did a good job countering them on the sidelines and just moving the ball better."

On offensive coordinator Greg Knapp's halftime message: "Coach Knapp was not happy at halftime, so to speak. We had a great game play coming in; we weren't executing as individuals and it starts with me being the quarterback.  You've got to execute and [also] execute the game plan. Coach Knapp let us have it, and offensively that fires us up and took it as almost a threat. He was all over us and sometimes you need that from your coach. He picked the right time and let us have it. We came together and found ways to move the ball and found ways to score in the second half."

On mental mistakes: "Not effort but [Coach Knapp] would've definitely let us have it if it was effort.  I think that's not something that he worries about. He knows what kind of group that we have effort-wise. Just little things like technique and execution. It really all comes down to execution and we weren't executing and he let us know that."

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

On the no-huddle offense: "We're in a position where we can do huddle and do the no-huddle. Some teams are just a no-huddle team and some teams are a huddle, so we have the flexibility to do both. For this game, it seemed like the no-huddle worked for us and we're just going to build off of that momentum."

On staying positive after the first half: "I just kept on telling the guys on the sideline, 'keep your head in the game.' I've seen teams come back and that's what we did. We kept our composure and we came in here at halftime and we had to straighten up and get a win."

WR Rod Streater

On the win: "It's a big win; every win is a big one, but this one really put us back on track."

On connection with QB Carson Palmer: "We practice every day after practice just running routes, fades, slants, and everything. It's good that it actually came onto the field, showed up."

FB Marcel Reece

On 2-4 record: "Disappointing; it's disappointing still because we should have more wins. We know we're a better team than what our record shows and we've got to prove that. We've got to go out there and prove that. We can't worry about all the games; we just worry about the next game. We're going to travel, try to travel well, get the next win and start stacking them up."

DT Richard Seymour

On the game: "We've got to play better collectively if we want to accomplish our goals. But, like I said, any time you can get a win in this league, it's always a great thing, but we definitely aren't satisfied."

On the defense: "Well, I think we had them where we wanted them. We had them beat on the running game and we were getting after the passer as well. We just tried to mix it up, bring blitzes from different areas and fortunately we were able to make some plays."

DE Lamarr Houston

On the defense: "They're a really well-balanced offense. We worked hard over the week on different schemes and formations they give us. As a defensive line, we wanted to be dominant this game. We wanted to control this game and cut the run out. They sky is the limit; we have the talent to be the best defense or one of the best defenses in the league. I think if we just work hard and focus in on what we've got to do and pay attention to detail, we can be whatever we want to be."

On getting to the quarterback: "We pride ourselves on getting pressure on the quarterback as a d-line. It's something we work hard on every week. It's something we pay close detail and attention to. We just did our best today and came out victorious so we're happy as a unit."

LB Miles Burris

On his development: "It's been great. I feel like I'm making a lot of progress and we have the coaches and a lot of the older guys - Phil [Philip Wheeler] and Ro [Rolando McClain] and Aaron Curry - they're all helping me along and helping me get lined up and just helping me be able to adapt and flow to the game."

On the game: "Any time you get a win it feels good, no matter how much it's by and how you get it. We're all ecstatic to be able to win and to be able to have put a team finish up at the end like that."

On the slow start in the first half: "It's just execution. Me, being a rookie, it's hard for me to even say, everything's pretty new to me. I just try to go out there and execute my job every play."

CB Joselio Hanson

On the game: "I felt like when [Blaine] Gabbert was in the game, we gave them some plays. I felt like we settled down and played some ball after that. But we felt like everything they scored on we gave it to them. The first play, if we would've just done our job, we would've been straight and then we drop a punt and we give them field position."

On the adjustments that were made: "We just settled down, went back to the sideline and looked it over and understood that all we had to do was do our job and this team wasn't going to be able to beat us on defense."

On forcing turnovers: "The interception last week, that's just film study, that's just having the will to make a play on that one. The fumble recovery today was running to the ball. We preach that - all 11 people running to the ball. The guy got stripped and I happened to be there and I jumped on it."

DB Michael Huff

On consistency: "We know when we play Raider football for a whole game, we've seen how good we can be and how well we can play. So the main thing is being consistent from start to finish, playing our game, and I think we'll be a top team."

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