Ray-Ray Armstrong Willing to do Whatever it Takes

Linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong addressed the media after the team's second day of Mandatory Mini-Camp Wednesday.

During his time at the podium, he spoke about his role on the defense in 2015 as well as the impact of defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

Here are the highlights from his media session:

Whatever the Team Needs, That's What He'll Do

Heading into 2015, Armstrong is willing do whatever he needs to do, and fill any role to help the team win.

"My role right now, I'm just trying to help this team any way possible. Whatever the coaches give me, I'm just trying to run with it and do my best at it."

He's Making a Good First Impression

"You always want to make an impression on a new staff. For me, I just try to go out there and do the best I can every day. Just leave it all on the field and the coaches make changes and do whatever they need to do from there."

Playing for Former Players Helps

The coaching staff that Head Coach Jack Del Rio has assembled is filled with former players, and Armstrong enjoys learning from coaches who have played the game, especially Head Coach Del Rio and defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

"It's amazing, just knowing that they're not just a coach, that they did it before. He was on this level and playing at a high level and coming from them it means a lot more, just knowing that they went through the same process that you're going through now. Just take that advice and run with it."

Rookie LB's Have Impressed

The Raiders selected two linebackers, Nerion Ball and Ben Heeney, in this year's NFL Draft, and so far both have impressed Armstrong.

"Neiron [Ball], you can see him right away. He's very athletic, very fast. He can play with his hand down, play standing up. He can move around pretty much in any spot, and Ben [Heeney] you can see right now that he's a very smart player. He goes about his business. He's out there making plays as everyone else, but you can see the smartness that he brings to the defense."

Simple is Better

The defensive players for the Raiders have continually reiterated that the 2015 defense is one that will allow them to play fast and without distraction.

"It's very condensed from this year to last year. Just allow everyone to go out there and just play fast and not have to do too much thinking."

Ken Norton, Jr., Brings the Energy

"He [Coach Norton, Jr.] just allows you to be yourself. He's out there, he's just like us. He might talk more than us. He's yelling and screaming more than the players are, so he gets everyone into it. He makes practice fun. He brings the energy every day."

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