Right Combination Play: DeAndré Washington Scores First NFL Touchdown


DeAndre Washington won't soon forget the Oakland Raiders Week 16 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.

Not only did the Silver and Black beat the Colts 33-25, but the rookie running back enjoyed a career day Saturday afternoon, rushing the ball 12 times for 99 yards, as well as finding the end zone not once, but twice.

Washington's first touchdown of the day – which was also the first of his career – came on the Raiders first drive of the second half, as the speedy back scampered 22 yards into the end zone, ballooning the team's lead to 25-7 over the Colts in the process.

Number 33's run was made possible by a variety of players executing their assignments; his third quarter touchdown is this week's Right Combination Play presented by State Farm.


"As I was getting the ball from DC [Derek Carr], he actually told me to cut back. I was actually going to cut back anyway because of my read, but he told me to cut back, and after I cut back, things started opening up. I was just trying to find a crease, and it got to a point where I had to split two defenders. I saw one defender on my right side, so I tried to stiff arm him to get to the end zone. That's kind of how it happened."

Washington broke down the move he put on Colts defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway:

"I didn't even know he fell until I went back and watched the highlight, but it was kind of just an instinctive thing, man. I think he had kind of got through free, so I knew I had to make a move so I could avoid him. I kind of just went off instincts.

Once he got to the second level of the Colts defense, Washington was off to the races:

"When you're in that part of the field, your hunger for the [end zone] definitely increases because it's so close to you, so after I broke that first wave of defenders, I just saw the end zone, so I was just trying to get there as soon as possible. I was just trying to weave and do whatever I had to do to get in there."

The third quarter touchdown was the first of Washington's career, and one he'll remember for quite some time:

"Just emotion, man, just emotion. You always sit back and say, 'man, what are you going to do for your first touchdown,' I was just so emotional. It was just so much emotion man. I celebrated with the guys. It was just a good feeling… I had a dance and everything, and I don't even dance like that. I had a dance I said I was going to do, but like I said, once I got in there, it was just so much emotion that all that kind of went out the window."

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