Rivera: "We're working hard every day"


Q: When you see a team that you just faced for a second time, just give me the mental approach.**

Rivera:"We were going into that game like a heavyweight fight, and in a fight, one person's going to win, and one person's going to lose, and we weren't going to be the ones to lose that fight. I'm happy we won."

Q: You know the Chiefs, they had this one circled a couple of weeks ago.

Rivera:"Yeah. They definitely do. They're calling it a revenge game and we're knowledgeable of that. We know that. We're going to go in there with the same type of mindset."


Q: Derek [Carr] said that he could feel the chemistry brewing between you two. Do you kind of sense that too?**

Rivera:"Yeah, definitely. Out here in practice we're working hard every day to continue to develop that chemistry. As these games come, and even as next year comes, we're going to continue to get better."

Q: What areas have you seen him progress as a quarterback so far?

Rivera:"Just his comfort level. He's got so much to think about before the play. He has to check the play. He has to look at the blitzes, the coverages. He's just comfortable right now. It's really good."

Q: It seems like you really controlled the middle of the field. Was that something that was just game plan specific or are there things from that tape that you can apply to other games?

Rivera:"A little bit of both. I was finding the seams, finding the areas out there and a lot of really good plays called by Coach Oly [Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson]. It was really good."

Q: Have you seen the Mike Mayock clip?

Rivera:"Yeah. I did see that."

Q: He said that you had approached him at the combine.

Rivera:"It was my pro day."

Q: You said, "You have me rated too low."

Rivera:"Yeah. I said it in a nice way. I said, 'You put your top five tight ends out and you didn't put me in there.' I'm glad he's taking notice now."


Q: To have people on a national stage take notice of what you're doing, how cool is that?**

Rivera:"It's awesome. That's one of the reasons I do what I do. I go out there and I work hard. It's not only for myself. It's for my family. It's for the last name on my back and my teammates. It brings notoriety to everybody when we win."

Q: How important is it getting a road win under your belts, especially at Arrowhead?

Rivera:"It's huge. We're looking ahead and we're looking for this next game and we're looking for that road win."

Q: How much talking do you do? Would you consider yourself a trash talker?

Rivera:"On offense I have so much stuff to think about, I can't worry about talking mess to somebody else, but if somebody says something to me I'm definitely not going to back down. I'm too focused on the next play."

Q: Do you find that guys, especially when you were a rookie last year, that guys were maybe trying to get in your head a little bit? Rivera:"Yeah, sometimes they do, but usually those are guys that get beat all the time."

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