Rod Streater Guiding Young Receivers

WR Rod Streater is back in action after missing most of 2014 with a foot injury. The extremely productive wideout is feeling like his old self and is excited about what the offense has in store in 2015.

The veteran answered questions from the media following the start of the second week of OTAs.


Streater loves football and his team, so being away from the field for most of 2014 was a struggle for the Temple product. He used that time, however, to build strengthen himself mentally.

"I really had to mature and it was just new to me. I had great trainers around me to help me get back and get my mind right. When I found out I wasn't coming back, it really hurt. I wanted to be out there with my team and finish strong, but everything happens for a reason. I worked hard this offseason, and to make sure I was strong to come back this year."



Streater was excited when the Raiders added Amari Cooper in the 2015 NFL Draft. He knows Cooper's talents will only improve their group.

"He adds an explosiveness to the offense. I feel like he is going to come in and make an impact right away. I was excited. More guys to take the defense off of guys like me, [Michael] Crabtree, 'Dre' [Andre Holmes], whoever is out there. So, the more playmakers you have, the better you are going to be, and he is really going to help us win."

"I feel like to whole receiving group is complete. You can put us on the outside, put us in the slot. I feel like we really don't miss a beat. We can play outside, in, it really doesn't matter – we are all interchangeable. So, I think that's going to add a strength to us when we get out there on the field."


"[Carr] is a pro. He is going to do what he has to do to make sure that he understands the plays. Obviously the timing won't be there, but we have plenty of time for him to get back and get in the rhythm. I think he is a good enough player to do that."

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As an undrafted free agent, Streater understands what it takes to make it when the odds are against you. He has learned numerous lessons throughout his time in the NFL, and is open to sharing them with his teammates to help them succeed.

"So I just try to mentor them. Being an undrafted guy making the team, I try just to guide them like, 'You've got to work hard. You've got to do this. You've got to do that.'  I just want to be like the guy that helped them anytime they need any advice…. I want the whole group to do good. Whatever I can do to help, whatever problems I went through and I can give advice to the young guy, I try to be there for him. That's going to help us grow as a team and grow as a unit."

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