Rookie Linebacker Chase Williams Set To Square Off Against His Father In NFL Debut

Although he's a rookie, Oakland Raiders linebacker Chase Williams isn't going through his first training camp, in fact, far from it.

Chase is the son of St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and he spent his youth on the sidelines of NFL games and practices.

"Growing up as a coach's son in the NFL, it was awesome," said Chase. "I grew up in training camps and never really thought it was any big deal.  It was just kind of normal being at practices and games and whatnot, but now it all feels completely different now that I'm not just the coach's son on the sideline."

And the former Virginia Tech Hokie is right.

He's not the coach's son in Oakland; he's an undrafted rookie trying to make an NFL roster. Although, he did acknowledge there were still a few similarities from his childhood days at training camp.

"At camp as a kid, I was an equipment manager.  I was the one picking up all the sweaty equipment and putting in the washer and drier, and getting all the towels folded and stuff like that, carrying dude's helmets in, so a lot of it hasn't changed," he quipped. "I'm still carrying in guy's helmets, but it's awesome."

Friday night when the Oakland Raiders open the preseason against his dad's St. Louis Rams, Williams will once again be on an NFL field, but for the first time he'll have pads on and be waiting for his number to be called.

"It's going to be crazy," Chase said about matching up with his dad in his first NFL game. "It's going to be amazing. My whole life it's been a dream to be in his league at his level, whether that was playing for him or against him, it didn't really matter. Somehow it's ironic that the first time I step on the field as an NFL player, it'll be against him."

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Chase signed with the Raiders in June, and at that point, he and the elder Williams realized they would be squaring off against each other in the first week of the preseason.

"It was kind of one of those ironic things, funny things at first, but there's a lot of competition in our family," Chase said. "It'll be an interesting one for sure."

Chase said that while he and his dad haven't spoken X's and O's about the game, the pair did acknowledge to each other how unique of a situation it is.

That being said, they'll save the emotional stuff until the game ends.

"When the clock hits zeros, and we walk across the field at each other, that'll be something special," Chase said. "It's probably not something that's crossed either of our minds.  He has preparation to do and I have a lot of preparation to do, so it hasn't really crossed my mind just yet."

Friday will be a family affair for the Williams clan, as Chase's mom and sister will also be in the stands at Coliseum, and while all the family support is a welcome occurrence, Chase realizes that he has a job to do.

"I'm just excited to get out there," Chase said. "I get excited to play and a little jacked up, ready to go, especially the couple of days leading up the game. It's all live and all ready to go. It's exciting."

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