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Roscoe Parrish Meets the Press

On switching teams so fast: "Another opportunity here. Yesterday was kind of hectic for me. I woke up early this morning, got a phone call from the Chargers. Actually woke up as a Charger, went to sleep as a Raider, that's how I look at it."

On how fast things turned around: "That was my first time experiencing it. As soon as it happened, I gave me agent a call and he said he was on top of everything, so everything was out of my hands. Couldn't get mad at something I couldn't control during that process. Raiders gave me a call and let's go."

On ending his season against the Raiders last year: "Yeah, you're right, they did end my season. It was in the 1st quarter on the screen pass."

On that play: "I remember that play I caught a screen pass from like 15 to 20 yards, not exactly sure of the yardage, but the next play, I tried to line up and heard a clicking in my ankle and that was the last of it."

On being cut by the Chargers: "Being around for awhile you kind of know. You don't want to over think things though, but when I sat down with Norv [Turner], I told him I kind of felt it a little bit because me being a returner and being the fourth or fifth string over there, I didn't understand that, so I kind of knew where that was going within 2.5 to three weeks into training camp. You have to respect the process and that's something I was doing there."

On Raiders need for a returner: "Like you said, I don't put too much emphasis on it because I've been doing it since I was growing up. Just coming over here when they need a returner is like a good feeling because that's what I do. Just being back there and making plays and just not going to take anything for granted, just go out there and I don't know how much I'm going to play Thursday, but look forward to being in that Black and Silver."

On number of punts fielded in his career: "No, never, never keep track of that."

On whether a kick or punt has ever fooled him: "You have to remember that I was in Buffalo for seven years so when the weather gets bad there, you don't know where the ball is going to go. Something we did is we put two guys back there at times because of the weather. A majority of the time, you just have to be smart back there and make good judgments on the ball and that's it."

On what makes him a good punt returner: "Because when I go back there, I have to make something happen. My instinct, my quickness, I just use to my advantage and just try to be a playmaker and try to put the offense in good field position because that's the key. Sometimes you don't want to do too much because a punt return is like an extra down for the offense. You have to get that first down first, and then after that you make the big plays and do what you do best."

On needing a special mentality to want to return punts: "I'm kind of used to it. I've always have people come to me and say, 'why do you go back there and do that?' But once you get used to it and you've been doing it for so long, it becomes natural and you get a knack for it. You kind of know the coverage and how far people are. You don't want to too much study them, just do what you do best back there, which is make smart decisions.

On how he can improve the Raiders punt return: "Just come in and help contribute, help that average go up."

On being completely recovered from ankle injury: "I'm back. I feel I haven't lost my skill set. It's all about opportunities. Unfortunately I was in a situation when they brought a slot guy, Eddie Royal, and we did the exact same thing and you know in this business like I do…so it was a tough situation. It was an opportunity to show teams that I could still run around and still have it."

On helping in the slot as a receiver: "Yes, yes I know I can help in the slot, but they brought me here to be a returner right now and I have to focus on that and hopefully that'll open up doors for me on offense. I have to keep that as the main thing right now."

On if he'll return kicks too: "I did a few kicks back in Buffalo. It depends on when guys go down and that's about it."

On if that means punts are his thing: "I mean, I can do kicks if it was asked of me to do. That would be no problem at all."

On what Buffalo's special teams unit so good: "I have to give a lot of credit to Bobby April, he's a good special teams coach. You can't take the credit from him. He did a good job from that end. We also had guys that wanted to be out there and block and do a good job through the times I was there. And I appreciate the times I was there, but Bobby April, have to give him all the credit. He did a good job there."

On if he's looking forward to playing the Chargers: "No doubt. I'm ready. So ready, that's all I can say."

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