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Routt Visits Oakland Unity High School


CB Stanford Routt spoke to the students about the importance of giving back.Photo by Principal David Castillo.

Recently, CB Stanford Routt visited Oakland Unity High School in Oakland, Calif., to speak to the students about the importance of giving back and community service. Routt spent time answering questions from the students about his childhood, football, and charity.

"I've been planning on going and talking to kids all season," said Routt. "So a good friend picked them out, Oakland Unity High School, set up the meeting to go talk to the kids through Principal [David] Castillo."

At the end of his time with the students, Routt challenged the students to write an essay about the importance of giving back. "We decided that the top five boys and the top five girls would all get tickets to the game against the Colts next Sunday," said Routt.

Routt wanted to emphasize the importance of community service and provide the students incentive to write their best essay. "That's my way of having them come out to the game, have a good time, but also even though it's a little bit of a Christmas gift, I believe you still have to work hard for something," said Routt. "That will entice them to put a little more effort into the essay or the composition instead of just getting through it."

In addition to his ticket reward to the students, Routt hopes they take away one message from his visit. "I hope they realize that no matter what, giving back is really important," Routt said. "I don't think it's an option. You need to give back because we're all in this together and we're all supposed to be united."

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