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Schaub: "It's an exciting time of year"


Q: Did today seem a little different from the OTAs and all the other stuff? **

Schaub:"It always does. Especially first day of training camp, everyone's really excited to be back, excited to get the season started. Obviously it all began back in OTAs and mini-camp, but it's a little different animal when you get to training camp, things ramp up a little bit. It's an exciting time of year to be back to work and get all the guys on the field and get going."



]( How was it getting back up to speed with the receivers? **

Schaub:"It was great. We had a little time off but we got together starting last week, just to get things going so it wasn't totally new when we got out here, but it was great work, good start and we have something to build on. We're laying the foundation right now but we're going to keep building each day."

Q: Last week when you got with the receivers, was that the first time you got back together and worked?

Schaub:"Yeah, it was kind of the first time since mini-camp. Guys kind of got away for a little bit, did some things on their own or went and trained wherever they do train, got some things done there and then we all tried to convene a little early before we got out here for training camp."

Q: Do you feel that this team is going to give you an opportunity to be more of yourself and more of a read-and-react guy?

Schaub:"Yeah, that may be the case. We're still trying to mold what our offense is going to be and what each guy's role within it is going to be. Find out what guys do well, what things work, what things we'd like to do against certain looks and certain defenses. We have a great test to go against every day in our defense, especially up front and with the secondary. We're really challenged every day on both sides of the football. It's an exciting chance to get going here with this football team and this organization and climb that mountain." 



]( With what this team did in the offseason, with all the veterans they brought in, does that excite you as a player?**

Schaub:"Absolutely. When you see a team with the rich tradition, historically, that the Oakland Raiders have, it's exciting to come and be a part of that. To see all the moves and all the things that the organization is doing to get better and improve from last year and the year before, it's definitely an exciting time as a veteran to make this transition over here to this team and this football team to help get back to that Raider way and be a part of Raider Nation, so it's exciting to see what they've done."

Q: What has impressed you most about Derek Carr since he's come in?

Schaub:"Just the way he's embraced learning, the learning process. Obviously coming from a college program where he did a lot of good things, understanding where you are as a rookie and how much you have to grow and learn and how much the game is different at this level. As a rookie, you've just got to come in and be all ears, soak in as much knowledge and learn from veterans. He's willing to do that and he's putting in the work, so as a young player, he's taking the right steps here early on to set himself up."

Q: He said he would be attached to you the whole time asking you questions and he hoped he wouldn't annoy you. Has that really been the case? Schaub:"It's never going to be annoying, because the questions that he asks help me too because it helps me think and be able to spit back answers and talk football. The more you can talk football, especially this time of year, the better you are as a player, whether it's with a person in your position group, someone else on offense or talking to the defensive players, talk to 'C-Wood' [Charles Woodson] or talk to [Jason] Tarver, the defensive coordinator. The more you can just talk and communicate, the better we're going to be as a football team."

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