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WR Chaz Schilens missed significant time in 2009 due to injury. Although he caught 29 passes for 365 yards in the final eight games last season, Schilens needed more time this off-season to rehab his foot injury. He returned to the practice field this week.

Q: How does it feel to be back on the field? What work have you been able to do?

Schilens: I just stayed around here last week and tried to work back in some routes and stuff and they gave me the go ahead to come back out here and start having some fun. I did some stuff yesterday, just a little bit, worked back into it. It's been a while since for me so I wanted to get out here as soon as possible and start working back into it. So that was really good. I'm glad they let me back out here, feels good.

Q: Are you the kind of guy that tries to lobby and say 'I'm ready' or do you sit back and say 'you're the experts' or what have you?

Schilens: I'll do what the trainers tell me but I'd like to run as many routes as possible to try to get more reps, you know? Right now I'm just taking it slow and I'm happy with how I feel so that's what's most important.

Q: What are your thoughts on the offense?

Schilens: I'm excited to be in this offense. I'll tell you that like I think we are legit and we are takings steps forward every day and working on turnovers and working on big plays. Our offense is great so I'm just looking forward to it being out there, being a part of the team.

Q: How much do you like playing for offensive coordinator Hue Jackson?

Schilens: He demands the best out of you and he's getting the best out of us right now so I like it. He's a good coach.

Q: When he's telling the defensive backs that the ball is coming their way, does that just kind of elevate the whole practice?

Schilens: He just creates a competition every day, every day he makes it a game. He says we're trying to get them, I think were winning right now so…

Q: How long does it take for you and Jason [Campbell] to get chemistry?

Schilens: We'll work up until training camp and come out in training camp and work some more, so you know, it'll just take time

Q: What are your impressions of Jason so far?

Schilens: Good quarterback, he's intelligent, throws a good ball, he works hard on learning the offense.

Q: What type of influence do you think he's had on the offense already?

Schilens: Positive. I feel the place he came from was a tough situation for him and I've felt nothing but positive energy since I came out here. I think he feels it. We have good players, good offense, good stuff right now.

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