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Sio Moore Media Session

Moore: It goes pretty fast so have to be able to process everything and really be able to take what we learn in the classroom and in the playbook on the field like now because we're behind eight-ball like Coach [Dennis] Allen said. So, everyday is like a learning experience, you got to pick it up.

Q: You've had a couple days now to see the playbook and everything, is this the defense you really feel is suited for you to do?

Moore: Yeah, I love it. They give me the opportunity to do a little bit of everything and its just right now learning it all and really being exact. I think that's the thing that I've picked up on most. Everything is about being exact and perfect.

Q: How tough is that when you want to come out here, you want to make that quick impression, you want to kind of cut loose but you're still trying to think in the back of your mind that you're still trying to think and digest everything?

Moore: Well, if you want to be great, it's not something that's tough, its something that's required of the position and what's really required of you. Nobody got here, that's here, because of anything other than they have potential and everyone is here trying to work everyday.

Q: I'm sure you've asked Tyvon [Branch] about the deal here, what did he tell you about the Raiders and what's the situation here right now?

Moore: I talked to Tyvon yesterday, he just told me the same thing— just stick to my playbook and work because when the veterans come out here, the stuff we're learning now is going to be like the back of their hand. So we need to make sure, as rookies, take it all in and try to be close to where they're at.

Q: Why the number 55? The fans here, they don't really like the last guy who wore the number 55, and now you're wearing it. Was there anything specific as to why you chose to wear that?

Moore: I did actually. The PR guy called my house the day after the draft and he gave me some numbers to choose from. So I went to my mom, she said '55,' so I said '55.'

Q: That's it?

Moore: Yeah, you don't go against mom. Not when Mother's Day is close at least.

Q: On those third down drills, you had your hand on the ground. Do you like just being able to just straight up rush the passer like that?

Moore: Its fun, man. When you get to rush a passer and really change the game, from that standpoint, it's exciting. I'm glad to be given an opportunity and now its just about being exact about it because pass rushing is like an art; there's so much to learn. So, just trying to take it each day and work with it.

Q: Who would you say you model yourself after? What linebacker in history maybe you've looked at and said, 'that's a guy I'd like to be like?'

Moore: I think I love the dedication and commitment by Ray Lewis. I've always admired his passion. If there's anything I'd take from any linebacker, it would be that. But I really don't try to compare myself because what I want to do is put myself in the position where years later that would be the question to ask somebody else. I feel like I can do a lot of things on the field and I just want to come out here and work and hopefully prove that one day.

Q: You saw Tyler Wilson at the Senior Bowl, what were your impressions of him back there and now what are your thoughts on Tyler?

Moore: It's cool, man, because he's actually he's the locker right next to me too. I'm excited about him; he looks good and everybody's out here working. It's good to see guys that you've seen before, and see that they got the same opportunity as you and they're working just as hard.

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