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Sio Moore Talks Mini-Camp

Q: You're making a couple plays out there; did you feel that you were playing at a high level today?

Moore: I try to. It's a lot of information, so I just try to go out there and be exact about what I'm going to do. After a while, there's just so much thinking you can do and then go play football. Just trying to work every day.

Q: How much is thinking and how much is reacting?

Moore: A little bit of both. There's a lot of things you're comfortable with, but right now, it's a time where everybody is learning everything. We're trying to get more and more installed in, so you have to know what we put in yesterday and get ready for something new the next day. It's just about building each day. You get to read and react but every day is a learning process.

Q: With that said, how much of the book are you into?

Moore: We're in a good bit of it right now. It feels good to be able to be here and be able to have this much on our plate right now because we're out here working and we're really excited about the work that we have to keep going. So it's just a stepping stone every day.

Q: Sio, are you getting a chance to work with some of the first-team guys on offense and special teams? What veterans are you looking at? Who are you learning a lot from?

Moore: It depends. With the linebackers, I always talk to Kevin [Burnett] a lot. Kevin gives me a lot of pointers. And then when I go down on the line, I work with Andre Carter a lot and Lamarr Houston. Those are the guys that help me as far as using my hands and whatnot. So it's a good deal being able to be around a lot of older guys who can really help you become a greater player and it's only going to help the team in the long run.

Q: You're going to have the situation when you leave this camp where they don't see you again for a while and you don't see them. The CBA says you're not supposed to be with the team. What do you do on your own to make sure none of this stuff slips away?

Moore: First of all, you take good notes, and then after taking good notes, during that four-week period, you just stay in your notes and you've got to continue to prepare yourself for football. You're just not going on vacation; there's expectations when we come back. There's a weight expectation and also being able to know your stuff because we're going to hit this thing going 100 miles per hour like Coach [Allen] said. For you to go home and slack, that would be just doing yourself and the team an injustice. Staying in shape, eating well and just being ready to go when the time comes.

Q: Will you go home with film of yourself? DVDs that were taken here that you can refer to?

Moore: No, for me, I'm going to take my notes. Coach always emphasizes on taking notes and being exact and direct with your notes so that when you go home, you have something else to look at, so that way you're just not home for however long time, and you come back and it's like 'oh crap, let's start over again.' You want to get here and be ready to go as if there was no time off.

Q: Is that something you did in college too? Were you a big note taker?

Moore: Yes, big note taker. Big note and film guy. Playing linebacker, you have to be able to do that, just like the quarterback on defense. You have to know what's going on, you've got to know where everybody is around you and you have to understand what the offense is trying to do based on where you're lined up.

Q: Did you call plays?

Moore: Where? At UConn? Yeah, I did the last two years.

Q: It kind of keeps you involved doesn't it? It makes you maybe keeps your attention more…

Moore: It does because when you move around in defense, you have to understand more, and when you understand more you're starting to understand why certain things are happening and why people are where they're at. And then once you understand everything that has happened from a defensive standpoint, you can start to understand what they're trying to do schematically on offense. So, it all ties in together.

Q: Big [SpongeBob] SquarePants fan?

Moore: I'm a big pajama pants collector. It's just me. I've got a bunch of them. I like to wear them. I'm comfortable in them, so that's what I do.

Q: This team's struggled defending the run for a long time now, and you're not a part of that and there's a ton of new players, but the change in the middle with [Pat] Sims and [Vance] Walker and having the gaps fit correctly by the linebackers is something they've talked a lot about. Is that something you can't really see out in the field because there's no contact, but are you seeing that in the film room? Are you seeing gaps filled? Are you seeing those two interior guys being a force?

Moore: Yeah, the D-line is working their tails off and everybody is working on both sides. I'm kind of excited about what we have and what we're working towards because, right now, we're laying the foundation of something really special. The foundation with any side of the ball, if you look at offense and defense, it starts with the big guys up front. I'm glad to see that they're working. When the defensive line does well, that makes everybody else do well. The same way with offensive lines doing well, then you can do anything. So, stepping stones.

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