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Stefen Wisniewski Media Session

Q: You have most of the guys back on the offensive line except for Cooper [Carlisle] and he could even be back at some point, but you've got a new coach. How is that going along and how much does it help to have 80 percent of the guys back?

Wisniewski: New coach is going well so far. Tony [Sparano] has been installing new offense. They threw a whole lot at us already and we're trying to digest it the best we can. Like our coaches have said, we're starting behind. We're starting on a new offense, so we're trying to catch up as soon as we can, get to know everything. But, like you said, having a lot of the guys back is huge because we know each other, it might be a new system, but we've worked together before. That's a huge plus.

Q: Is the line, is it similar at all to the things you were doing two years ago or is it different from that?

Wisniewski: It's similar to two years ago, yeah. A lot of downhill stuff; a lot of power stuff and plenty of inside zone stuff. It's stuff that I think that we know how to do already. We'll work on some little footwork things that Tony will have that will probably be a little different than two years ago, but it's stuff we know how to do. Move people off the ball, double teams, pull and smack somebody and good downhill football.

Q: Any chance at all that you'll move back to left guard or are you a center from here on out?

Wisniewski: My understanding is I'm center and I don't think that's going to change.

Q: Getting any kind of vibe from the building in just the first couple of days? Darren and Jacoby had both mentioned that a lot of the new guys they brought in seem to have the same mentality in terms of the way they approach things and that kind of thing that they're all very serious about football and being here. Can you sense that too?

Wisniewski: Yeah, it seems like everyone is ready to go to work from day one. I know that's something Reggie [McKenzie] has been trying to do is bring in good, hardworking guys, character guys, team guys, and build a team around that. He got rid of some of the guys that maybe didn't have that mindset and bringing in team-mindset guys. I think that's a great way to build a team. I think you can see that so far. Everyone is ready to put their head down and go to work.

Q: This quickly, only after a couple of days?

Wisniewski: Yeah, I mean, I think you can tell. Will be able to tell more when we're practicing and whatnot, but I think you can tell already.

Q: Darren seemed pretty happy talking about getting back to a downhill running style. How much do you think it's going to help him get back to something he's proven that he's good at and he's comfortable with?

Wisniewski: I think it'll help him a ton. I mean I would expect a lot more production out of him for sure. I'm not going to guess as to how much, but I really think he'll thrive in this.

Q: I saw the [Jared] Veldheer picture on the Internet. Does he really look like that? How much has he changed from last year to this year?

Wisniewski: I don't think he changed that much. To be honest, I think he put a bunch of like 5'8" guys next to him so he'd look really big. That was my opinion of the photo. Everyone was hyping it up and I was like, 'Yeah, he looks kind of big, but he always looks like that.' It is true; Jared works his butt off. He loves weightlifting and getting himself ready. He's got his own gym in Michigan. That's where they took that. So that's his thing in the off-season, just hanging out a gym and eat, sleep, drink weights all day. That's why he's huge.

Q: What are your impressions of Coach Sparano so far?

Wisniewski: I like him a lot. He's confident. He knows his stuff. He knows that it works and he's been doing this a long time, doing O-line a long time. He's also been a head coach and coordinator so he has a different perspective, which I think, helps. He's doing a good job teaching, explaining things, and it's been going really well so far.

Q: What's your observation of Matt Flynn so far just after a couple of days?

Wisniewski: Seems to be handling himself well. Seems to know the offense real well. We had a first meeting, just centers and quarterbacks, just talking protections, and he knows what he's doing already. But yeah, he seems like he knows what he's doing. I haven't seen him throw or anything yet.

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