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Streater: "Felt good being able to cut and run"


Q: So how does it feel to be back?**

Streater:"It felt good, a little winded out there just trying to get back in the flow of things, but it felt good being able to cut and run full speed. It felt good to be back out there with my team."

Q: Do you have any gage at all to how close you think you are to being able to play?

Streater:"I think I'm close. I went through pretty much the whole practice without any pain, cutting full speed, catching it, so I felt good. I think I'm very close."

Q: Everybody talks about that there's being in shape and there's being in football shape….

Streater:"I thought I was in shape during these little workouts and I got back out there and I was a little winded, but it felt good. I'm real close and just going through the reps and things like that at practice, I'll be back in shape."

Q: This is kind of a new thing for you, to be out this long.  What has it been like?

Streater:"It's been hard, but my teammates, family and my trainers have been keeping me up and keeping me positive, helping me through this. It's new to me, but I got through it and I feel like I'm ready to go."

Q: How hard is it just getting the timing back with Derek [Carr] and getting back on the same page that you guys were at?

Streater:"That's going to be a big thing. I'll probably put in a little bit of extra time after practice getting the timing down, but I feel like I didn't miss a step really. Little routes were off, but that's going to come. That'll come back real quick."

Q: Is there anything you thought might have been more challenging than normal?

Streater:"Just running, not losing my breath. I was out there struggling a little bit on routes, and go balls and things like that really got to me, but like I said, it'll come with time."

Q: When you first sustained the injury, within a couple of days after you had it, was it pretty much made clear to you that they thought you were going to be okay?

Streater:"Yeah, they said it usually takes about six to eight weeks. I didn't think I was going to come back. I never broke anything, but I thought it was the worst when I heard it. When they told me that, I was like, 'alright, we'll see.' As time, weeks went by, I felt better and better, and when I was able to get out there and run routes, it really hit me like, man, I might be able to come back."

Q: So there was a fracture or there wasn't a fracture?

Streater:"There was."

Q: What were you able to do? What was part of your physical therapy? It looks like you bulked up some.

Streater:"Always have to hit the gym. Yeah, I've been hitting the gym, just trying to stay in shape. It's kind of hard when you can't lift your lower body, so I kind of just focused on getting my upper body right and never losing that, and hitting the pool too. Trying to hit the pool and make sure I kept my conditioning up."

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