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Streater: "I'm working hard to get back"


Q: Was there any trepidation when you got out there for the first time and tried to make a move on that foot?**

Streater:"It felt good. I was excited to be back out there. When it first broke I didn't think it would heal this fast, but it feels good to be back running and cutting and things like that."

Q: It's hard to sit out any time, but when you look at what has been going on with the offense; has that made it even more frustrating for you?

Streater:"Yeah. Obviously you don't want to sit out, but when you're out and we're losing, it makes it so much harder, because I want to be out there helping the team get some victories, so I'm working hard to get back."

Q: Have they had to slow you down at all?

Streater:"Yeah. They slowed me down a couple of times. I go by one pace, and that's 100 speed, 100 percent, but sometimes with these injuries you have to take it slow and just make sure it's healed, so when you get out there you don't reinjure it."

Q: How soon after the surgery were you able to do anything physical?

Streater:"About two weeks, two and a half weeks, I was able to kind of walk on it, then three weeks I was feeling better and as time went on it got better and better. It was pretty fast. They said I'm way ahead of progress and they're excited about it."

Q: Do you have a target date maybe for when you can get back?

Streater:"I'm trying to get back as soon as possible, but no target date yet. I'm just making sure it's healed and once it's 100 percent I'll be ready to go."

Q: Has it been a mental grind as well?

Streater:"Yeah, it's definitely mental for me. I never missed a game in my collegiate years and in the pros, so it's kind of hard to adjust to this. I'm getting support from my trainers and teammates. They're helping me through this and I just want to get back out there and play and help this team get its first win or a couple of wins."

Q: How confident are you this year that you will play in a game again?

Streater:"I'm confident. They said I'm way ahead of time, so I feel like I'm progressing and I think I can be back out there soon."

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