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Taiwan Jones Talks Position Switch


CB Taiwan Jones spoke to the media about the switch from running back. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Q: How's it coming along with the cornerback switch? 

Taiwan Jones: It's coming pretty good; I've been having fun. That's what's important and the guys welcomed me in, and I'm learning a lot from everybody. So, it's been fun. 

Q: It seems like you're around the ball a lot. The transformation, it seems like in the past few days it's been taking leaps and bounds. Is it like an epiphany on your part or something? 

Jones: On defense, it's all about reacting. That's one thing I'm pretty good at, so it's coming pretty easy, but I still have a lot of work to do though. 

Q: You feeling like you did back like you did in high school because you played a lot of corner and you're kind of feeling like you're like, 'Oh yeah, that's right,' after playing running back for so long? 

Jones: Yeah, every day I'm learning something new. Some stuff I knew before and it's like, 'Oh okay, now I get it. Now I see what you're talking about.' So, actually being out there getting the reps, and being out there with the guys I'm learning something every day. 

Q: How beneficial has it been to have the veterans such as Charles Woodson and [Mike] Jenkins? 

Jones: It's been real beneficial for me. I'm blessed to have guys like that in front of me. Mike, he teaches me something new every day, and Tracy Porter, and just watching the guys; I'm learning a lot from them. So, it's definitely made my transition a lot easier having them in front of me. 

Q: Making a position switch at the NFL level is no easy task, were you initially receptive to it when they first talked about it? 

Jones: I'm still just happy to be on the roster. Whatever I can do to help the team and if I can help the team on defense then I'm willing to do it. I was kind of upset that I couldn't show everybody what kind of running back I could be, but I think it's a good thing as far as my career. 

Q: Miss running back at all?

Jones: I'm having fun at defense. I can't even lie to you, I haven't thought about it too much but I'm having fun.

Q: You enjoy giving the hits instead of taking them?

Jones: Yeah, definitely.

Q: You mentioned when you came out of high school, when you came out of college that they might actually be looking at you at cornerback and you were a little shocked they were more interested in you as a running back.

Jones: A lot of my college coaches thought that once I made it to the NFL that I'd be converted to a corner, so that's kind of my mind set and what I thought also. So when I got drafted as a running back, it came to me as somewhat of a surprise.

Q: What is the thing you're the best at and what is the thing you've got to work the most at cornerback?

Jones: One of the best things is reacting. Just my natural movements out there. But I do have to work on using my leverage to my advantage and getting my eyes in the right places.

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