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Tell The Truth Tuesday: Jackson "We're all trying to get better every day"


The Oakland Raiders are coming off of their Week 2 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, which means it's time for "Tell the Truth Tuesday." Regardless of whether the team wins or loses, this is an opportunity for players and coaches to share their thoughts. The team gave up 35 points to the Falcons offense and the defense wasn't on the same page the majority of the day.

Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio made it apparent during his press conference on Monday that the team isn't "interested in alibis" or making excuses. The Silver and Black were back at the Alameda, Calif., practice facility on Tuesday and shared their thoughts with media members.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"Yesterday I said, 'I seek to win two out of three phases each week,' typically will add up to a win. We didn't get that done yesterday [Sunday], so we didn't get it done yesterday."

"Guys are giving great effort. They're trying really hard, but we need to get to the bottom of why are the eyes aren't where they need to be so that we can just play together."

"There are a lot of different alibis that are possible. I'm not really interested in alibis. For us, we're looking for answers."

"We're going to continue to do the things we know we need to do to prepare. Again, we're not looking for alibis. That'd be an alibi. Get your job done. Know what you need to get done, have your eyes right, [and] get your job done."

Guard Gabe Jackson

"We're all trying to get better every day, and every week improve on what we've been doing. It's not to be complacent or to talk about how good we've done, just keep being positive and feeding off of it to get better."

Linebacker Cory James

"I'm still learning and everything, still need to get a little more comfortable with the formations. Recognizing the formations I still need to work more on that."

"We watched the film and everything and we were having a lot of trouble with boots and everything. Had guys running down the field uncovered and everything, so we've got to cut off on those."

Safety Karl Joseph

"I'm hungry I want to be out there, it hurt me not to be out there. I want to keep preparing like I'm going to start, like I'm going to play every single snap."

"I think every week I'm making progress learning the defense and being able to see everything faster. I'm getting more confidence every week, I've felt like I was ready, as a competitor you've got to feel like that. I don't like being on the sideline, so you know I'm dying to play."

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