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Tell The Truth Tuesday: Raiders Look To Improve Before Los Angeles Chargers


Review the tape, reflect, and get back to work.

Tell the Truth Tuesday is here, which means it's Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio's anointed day of reflection. Whether the Silver and Black win or lose, Tuesday's are designed to look at the miscues and fix them.

After falling to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, the Raiders will analyze their mistakes, and get them ironed out prior to their Week 6 battle with the Los Angeles Chargers. While the outcome wasn't ideal, the team showed signs of improvement in the running game, which is obviously a positive sign.

Following walk thru Tuesday afternoon, here's what members of the team had to say about the loss.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"We always look to freshen things up, but the process remains paramount. It's the best you can do. You recover from the last. This week we have quite a few guys recovering. Quite a few guys are banged up, but you recover the best you can. Then you prepare and then you go compete. That's the best way to perform consistently at a high level. We just haven't played well the last few weeks out, but the process, you have to remain true to it."

"I thought they were better than us in the trenches. I thought they were a little more physical yesterday, which is unusual. We have really good offensive and defensive lines, but they were more physical than us yesterday. They sacked us. We didn't sack them. They threw some long balls over the top of us. We didn't throw any over them. They got a turnover for a touchdown. We didn't get a touchdown."

Left Tackle Donald Penn

"The thing is though, the games we've started fast though we've won. The last couple games we haven't been able to start fast, [and] it's been difficult to catch up. The good, positive thing with this team is we're some fighters, I mean we fought till the end. The way our defense and offense came in, we were fighting till the end, and I can accept that. That's something positive can take going forward is how hungry we were."

Tackle Marshall Newhouse

"It's definitely communication. When everybody is on the same page we're a pretty hard unit to stop, and you know little things like that. Guys who might not be accustomed to playing with each other still kind of getting in a groove, it takes a little bit. We still have a lot of prideful guys, and athletic guys, and smart guys, who can get the job done, so just a matter of putting in the reps at practice."

Cornerback David Amerson

"We've just got to fight back another week, one week you can play good, and everyone's talking good about [our] defense, and then you go and give up some yards and all of a sudden, 'here we go, tired of this.' It's a new week every week, man, it's just whatever your performance is on Sunday. You prepare, and work hard during the week, and go out there and whatever your performance is on Sunday you own up to it and be a man about it."

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