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Tell The Truth Tuesday: Raiders Talk Stepping Up And Staying Focused


Week 17 has a different feel to it than normal for the Oakland Raiders, considering quarterback Derek Carr is out indefinitely with a broken fibula, and the team is just one win away from clinching the AFC West. It's a bittersweet vibe for the Silver and Black, as the team continues its "Return to Greatness," but without the leadership of No. 4 on the field.

The loss will require everybody to step up and elevate their game, and the team is more than ready to do just that. After defeating the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday 33-25, the Raiders were back at their Alameda, Calif. facility, and shared their thoughts on the current situation.

Heading into the Raiders matchup with the Denver Broncos, here's the Week 17 edition of Tell the Truth Tuesday.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

The Raiders Head Coach said that the team is focused on its objective regardless of who they play or who's playing.

"It's all about us moving on with the next opportunity and pulling together as a group of men and being unselfish and sacrificing for each other. All of those things. It doesn't change. It doesn't change regardless of who it is. It's about the team. It's about us winning. That's not in any way meant to be insensitive. You always show love and appreciation for anybody who was banged up or has an unfortunate event happen, but the team does carry on."

Del Rio shared that the team will keep the same approach and go about its business the way it always has.

"We're going to do what we always do. I think there's a natural feeling of stepping up and rallying around whoever is playing at whatever position it is. I feel the same about it being the quarterback. I think it's about us as a team going out and competing against the other team."

Running Back Latavius Murray

Murray shared his thoughts on the upcoming matchup with the Denver Broncos.

"It's going to come down getting the reps in practice, but us executing our game plan during the week, coming out working hard, and just going out there and just putting together a good game on offense."

No. 28 talked about what needs to happen in the wake of Carr's injury.

"We know we need to run the ball, that's regardless of who's taking the snaps, and so we're going to continue getting better there, be better. Especially now, more than ever."

Quarterback Connor Cook

Cook spoke about where he feels he can improve as a player and areas he can grow in.

"I think the chemistry with the receivers, the timing with the routes, all that stuff. I think I'm just more confident in the offense, being around, and being in it for a whole year."

**He mentioned that even though there's a different vibe in the locker room now, he's going to continue preparing for any situation.


"Just continue watching film, all of the cut ups coaches have made for us of all the situations, stuff like that. It definitely does feel a little bit different, now that I am active, now that I will be able to go out there and have an opportunity incase anything happened."

Center Rodney Hudson

Hudson spoke about the similarities between Carr and quarterback Matt McGloin.

"They're very attentive to detail in studying and that kind of stuff, so we'll just continue with that and get ready to go."

He was frank, and simply stated that even though Carr's absence is unfortunate the team must carry on.

"I think nobody wants to lose their starting quarterback, so obviously it was an adjustment for that moment, but we've just got to focus in and push forward."

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