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Lisa with her mother, brother and two of her sons at the Raiders game in Pittsburgh.

The year was 1962. I was six years old and my mother had taken my older brother and me to the Raider game at Frank Youell Field. My dad was MIA so to speak, so my mother was always being a "father" to my brother, and I had to tag along.

It was not my first time at Frank Youell so I was familiar with the stadium. It was the good old days when you could let your children out of your sight without fear. I was a "big girl" so I wanted to go to the bathroom alone. Mother obliged me. 

I was on my way back to our seats, passing the snack stand, when I heard a loud rumble. It was the sound of cleats on the pavement. The ground rumbled beneath my feet. Fast approaching was The Oakland Raiders. It was halftime and they were headed to the locker room.

The crowd parted, but I froze. They got closer and closer. They were HUGE. I was standing alone in their path. When the first Raider got close enough, he picked me up and kissed me on the cheek before setting me to the side. Then the stampeding men in Silver and Black passed me by.

I ran back to our seats and told my mother and brother what had happened to me.

I told her as I showed her. " He kissed me right here," I said.

My mother told me, "You can't ever wash that cheek again!"

Sometimes one event changes your life forever. It was all over for me. I was in love forever with the men in Silver and Black.

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