Trent Brown reveals the first sport he ever played during his interview on 'The Lefkoe Show'

Before Trent Brown grew into the 6-foot-8, 350-pound behemoth he is today, he was a lean, agile gymnast.

Yes, you read that correctly.

During his appearance on The Lefkoe Show, Las Vegas Raiders starting right tackle Trent Brown told Adam Lefkoe the first sport he ever participated in was gymnastics, and Lefkoe's response was what you'd imagine.

"I ain't been able to flip since I was, like, nine years old, but when I was younger — people don't know this — the first sport I participated in was gymnastics," Brown revealed. "It was really just a free-for-all class every Saturday morning at the YMCA. It was balance beams, the rings, everything in [the gym] really. As I got older I got better, I could do pretty much everything. I wasn't advanced — I'm always amazed by people who can be in the air for 12 seconds doing all sorts of [stuff]. I was really doing just little regular flips, like, from a cartwheel to a backflip."

On the football field, Brown has a unique level of athleticism and flexibility for someone his size, but I think any attempt at reviving his gymnastics career is out of the question.

"I'd probably die," Brown joked when asked what would happen if he tried to do a flip. "I promise you, if I fall on my neck it's over with."

Brown's past life as a gymnast may have been the highlight of his interview on The Lefkoe Show, but he discussed life as a Raider, Josh Jacobs, and more during the episode. You can listen to the full interview, here.