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Twitter Chat with Shawntae Spencer


CB Shawntae Spencer faces off with Cowboys WR Dez Bryant. Photo by Tony Gonzales

From @Br_Elmer: What are your thoughts on Rod Streater? Can we expect this type of performance in the regular season?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Yes, he's a great young receiver who's humble and works very hard. A great find for the team.

From @EasyEd58: What was the team you dreamed of playing for coming up to play pro football?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Growing up it was the Eagles, I was a huge Reggie White fan.

From @leopoldbarrer1: How does it feel playing football on the Raiders?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Feels great, happy to be part of such a strong legacy and to have such dedicated fans.

From Project_305: Favorite pregame meal?

@ShawntaeSpencer: I like pasta b/c it gives me energy w/o making me feel too full. Also a fan of grilled chicken.

From @stornetta369: Who's your favorite baseball team?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Pittsburgh Pirates, all day.

From @Holtke4987: Favorite memory from playing at PITT?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Definitely a lot to pick from. I'd say the last time Pitt played Penn State back in 2000

From @PhxRaider74: Who is the hardest Raider WR to cover and why?

@ShawntaeSpencer: All our WRs have different parts of their game that make it challenging. I'd say #12, #85, #17 and #80

From @HiChanceyOne: If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Probably real estate development

From @ConnorRussel8: How's the team looking?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Looking good and working hard to get better every day

From @teufelhunden44: Who is your favorite cornerback of all time?

@ShawntaeSpencer: I'd have to say Willie Brown and Rod Woodson.

From @Raider8124: You going to be hyped in the blackhole pregame on Monday night vs the Chargers?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Absolutely!

From @LameIsKenzel: Are you going to stay #36?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Yup!

From @JWellingtonJR: Biggest challenge for the secondary this season?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Executing well enough and consistently enough to get us to the playoffs

From @StuartKovacs: How has DC Jason Tarver made you a better player?

@ShawntaeSpencer: He's a great teacher of the game. I've known him my whole career and feel fortunate to have him as a coach.

From @marilynfan4life: Can you tell Kelly the Nation would like to see him sack Stafford Saturday 3rd times a charm.

@ShawntaeSpencer: I'll pass along the message!

From @solo23rd: With Peyton in the division now, who's a bigger threat: broncos or chargers?

@ShawntaeSpencer: We'll respect both

From @ETapia8: How's the team overall chemistry been so far?

@ShawntaeSpencer: Outstanding chemistry so far. And the new staff has really elevated the culture.

From TFunk510: In what ways does this Def allow you to best utilize your skills?

@ShawntaeSpencer: It gives multiple looks and it allows a wide range of options to stress the offense.

From @Exxcel: How dedicated were you when you were 14/15 years old towards making it to the next level?

@ShawntaeSpencer: At that age I just had a real love for the game, I wasn't thinking about being a pro yet. I'll do a post soon w/ more details.

From @brian_dinelle: Have you ever been to Canada and if you have where did you go and how did you like it? Cheers.

@ShawntaeSpencer: Never been to Canada but I'm planning a trip to Toronto and Vancouver the next offseason.

From @R8ertough: What's a personal motivation for you to push you to become better as a football player?

@ShawntaeSpencer: A love and respect for the game and the people that made it what it is today. And the support of the fans! #RaiderNation

From @paydro_24: How do you feel about being a Raider? After being a long-time niner?

@ShawntaeSpencer: A lot of respect for both organizations, but I'm loving the #RaiderNation life!

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