Tyrell Williams hosts Reddit AMA

Wide receiver Tyrell Williams recently hosted a Reddit AMA. Check out the 12 pack of questions he answered.

From Scrags: What's something that Hard Knocks didn't show that you wish they had?

Tyrell Williams: I didn't watch it, so I don't know. I think I'm in the minority there, I'd bet.

From SilverState815: If you could truck one current NFL defensive back and drag him on the way to the end zone (think Bo and Boz) and have it played over and over again on SportsCenter that night, who would it be?

TW: Shoot. We'll say my boy Casey Heyward. I'd love to get that opportunity.

From Reddit user: JJ Nelson said his favorite sandwich was a double butterburger with cheese and bacon from Culver's. Daryl Worley said his favorite sandwich was a cheese steak. What's your favorite sandwich?

TW: Ooh. A meatball marinara. There's this place in San Diego — can't remember the name of it though.

From Runningdownhill: Outside if football what is your greatest achievement?

TW: Outside of football? Wow. I'll say going to Nationals in track in college.

From GeneralKenobi05: What Wide Receiver did you look up to as a Kid and coming up through the college ranks?

TW: Randy Moss. Because I think we have a similar build, the speed, all that type of thing. He was my favorite receiver by far.

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From Reddit user: Would you rather take a punch from prime Mike Tyson or be forever immortalized on a poster of Brian Scalabrine dunking on you?

TW: [laughs] Getting posterized for sure. I'm not taking no punch from Prime Tyson!

From ChaoticGoodSilver: How would you describe the perfect Wide Receiver to compliment you on the field? What style/skill set would make the perfect partner for you on the field?

TW: I'll say, shoot, the guys we have. We've got speed; we've got size with Waller; shiftiness in 'Frow (Hunter Renfrow); all that.

From: Ahydell: Thanks so much for being on the team and giving us your all. I'm glad we have you. JUST WIN BABY. My question is: What was it like playing with Rivers on the Chargers? Do you have any fun stories you want to share? Is he funny in person a lot? Is he charismatic? What's the weirdest thing about him? Thanks!

TW: Whenever he gets mad, I don't know, he just like… yells in his helmet. Or he talks like someone is listening to him in his helmet. It's super weird. He just turns around and [grabs his facemask] and just starts talking into his helmet. It's super weird! [laughs]

From MNMKandyKane: What's your best raider fan story from when you were on the enemy team?

TW: My favorite one was when I played here my second year… It was my first 100-yard game. In Oakland. And my first touchdown of the game, I just remember shushing the Black Hole. So that was one of my favorites.

From Icantevenread24: Imagine this scenario: Every 30 seconds, 10 kindergarteners are released to take you down. How many could you take down before they overwhelmed you?

TW: I think, like, six. Waves? No I was thinking I'd just get through like six kids. That's a lot at once [laughs].

From Junismash: Do you feel you have some sort of "veteran" presence as far as experiencing a Franchise relocations lol?

TW: Absolutely. I think I've been on like four different teams in, like, three years.

From Jsolon12: How would you compare Carr and Rivers? I actually like Carr. I'm just curious what his response would be

TW: I think personality wise they're about the same. On the field, I mean, Phil he just has more years. I think that's the only thing. Derek is more than capable of being where Phil is at. Phil's been playing, what, 16 years? Whatever it is. It's crazy.