Upon Further Review: Benson Mayowa joins the program, looking ahead to Week 2

Is "Victory Thursday" a thing?

Well, whether it is or not, the "Upon Further Review" crew is making it a thing, as Eddie Paskal, Producer Trav and the gang break down the Oakland Raiders' Week 1 win over the Denver Broncos.

Following a quick look at the majesty that was Monday Night Football, the guys welcome in Benson Mayowa, who had a pretty nice start to his season, tallying two sacks in the 24-16 win over the Broncos.

During his time on the air, Mayowa talks about the humble start his NFL career, what it's like being a veteran on a predominantly young defensive line, and which tackles in the league are the toughest to go against.

(Spoiler Alert: one of them is on the Raiders)

After No. 91 departs, Eddie and Trav welcome in – per usual – Kyle Martin for Victory Formation.

As is typically the case, nothing is off limits, as the dudes talk about the atmosphere from Monday's win, look ahead to Sunday against the Chiefs, and Kyle unveils his most-boring game of the week.

Come for the look ahead to Andy Reid and Co., stay for tailgate thoughts.

You can listen to the full episode, below.