Upon Further Review: Draft preview with Jason Fitz, Chris Warren III

It's finally Draft Week, which means the fellas had to drop their final, pre-draft episode of Upon Further Review, before Eddie Paskal hops on a flight to Music City for all the festivities.

While the crew tries to limit the number of times they drop the term "mock draft," because let's be honest, we've collectively reached our limit with those things, they understandably get some draft talk in with this week's guest, Jason Fitz.

Fitz, in addition to being an accomplished musician who has spent two decades in Nashville, hosts numerous shows for ESPN, and will be on hand to cover the entirety of the three-day event – oh, and he's a die-hard Raiders fan too.

"It's nice to actually be able to represent my Raiders on radio," Fitz shared. "At this point it almost is a joke for everybody [at ESPN] how much Raiders gear, so it's nice when my worlds can collide and I can rep my team that is the reason I do what I do."

Following Jason's time on the program, we transition – as we always do – into Victory Formation, where Eddie, Producer Trav, and Kyle Martin are joined by none other than second-year running back Chris Warren III.

While Warren gives an update on his health and outlook for 2019, he and the guys also get heavy into the NBA playoffs, and the big man divulges who he thinks is the best, pound-for-pound player in the Association.

No. 34 gives a unique perspective on all things Raiders, and the NBA, so make sure you listen to the full episode, below.