Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer: "It'll be a tough test"


Q: What's going well for this team right now?

Coach Zimmer:"We've been taking good care of the ball and been better defensively. We've been in some tight games and we've been able to really overcome and finish."


Q: The Raiders offense has been really hot lately. What do you see out of that group that's working so well? How tough is it going to be to try to stop them?**

Coach Zimmer:"It is tough. They're clicking on all eight cylinders. I think [Derek] Carr's doing a great job of recognition, getting the ball out. He has a little bit of a gunslinger mentality. He's not afraid to throw the ball into tight cover, down the field, take his chances. I think the offensive line is playing very well. I think they've been running the ball with physicality and violence. Defensively they make it hard for you. They put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. They get the extra guy involved in the run. I think their secondary does a good job. You have to be aware of Charles Woodson because he tries to trick you a little bit. It'll be a tough test."


Photos from the Raiders vs Vikings all-time series.

Q: Where do you think Derek Carr has grown coming out of college into the quarterback he is right now?**

Coach Zimmer:"I think he looks much more comfortable. I think really they're doing a great job with him and the things that they're doing they're spreading the field out where he can have good vision and see where he has to deliver the football. It looks like he's playing with a lot of confidence to me."

Q: Obviously with Teddy Bridgewater and Carr being drafted so close to each other, is it a situation right now where you have two franchises that are really happy with the two guys they ended up with?

Coach Zimmer:"I believe so. I can't speak for them on that, but we're very happy with Teddy [Bridgewater] and his future here. He's a great kid and the team likes him a lot. They rally behind him. He's very poised and he's a great kid."

Q: In terms of the concussion, is everything progressing well with him?

Coach Zimmer:"Yeah, I believe so. I think he'll be fine."

Q: Getting Adrian Peterson back this year, what has that done for the offense and Teddy to have him? Coach Zimmer:"You know it's helped quite a bit. And the fact that obviously Adrian [Peterson] is a great runner, and I think he helps the offensive line. He helps take some of the pressure off. At the end of the year last year, we were just throwing the ball around all the time, trying to create plays. Now we can rely more heavily on the run. It helps us in not turning the ball over. I think that just the combination of having those two together, it helps us a lot."

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