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Welcome John Lund


Raider Nation, this is John Lund, co-host of "Raiders Opening Drive" with former Oakland maniac linebacker Bill Romanowski on the flagship radio station of the Silver and Black in the Bay Area, 95.7 FM The Game, heard two hours before every game. I also co-host a sports talk show from noon to three PM weekdays with Mr. "Touchdown Raiders" himself Greg Papa. I have over 20 years of sports radio experience in Dallas, Detroit and here in the Bay Area. In addition to a weekday talk show, much of my media experience has been covering the beat for NFL teams and hosting pre and postgame shows for those teams.  

Throughout the season I will be writing columns here on with a taste of everything I do.

Like you, pro football is my religion. Sunday's are the church of the NFL, the stadium is my temple and the field is sacred ground. I don't just watch NFL games. I consume them all. Then I grab the coaches tape and devour more. I rewind, fast forward, pause, slow-mo, make notes and repeat. All so I can know more and pass knowledge and insight onto you.  

Let's cut the fat and get to the meat. You're an NFL carnivore and you wonder why you should spend your valuable time consuming my Raiders ramblings?

  • My daily radio show is live from the epicenter, Silver and Black headquarters every week, so I'll post video and audio of your favorite players from the show.
  • We talk to a legendary former Raiders player each week on the show while we are in house and I will post those conversations.
  • When we are in our Bay Area studios we talk to many past and present Raiders and NFL insiders about the team and I will post the best and most relevant conversations on to you. 
  • I'll write observations, opinions and weekly notes from what I see at practices and in talks with the players and coaches.  
  • We'll go behind enemy lines to talk to the opposition to give you a better sense of what the Raiders challenges will be each week. 
  • I will profile the players you know and the players to keep an eye on in the future. 
  • Because I love to get inside the numbers, I'll break down for you stats below the surface which go beyond the vanilla stuff so you know exactly why what is happening on the field is happening.
  • We can do a mailbag each week and if I don't know an answer to something, I hang around with Romo, Papa and former Raiders Hall of Famer Rod Woodson each week on my show. Somebody has to know the answers and I'm not afraid to ask.

If you're in Oakland at a Raiders home game this regular season come by and give me a fist bump. Me and Romo will be in Raiderville outside the Coliseum broadcasting Raiders Opening Drive live before every regular season home game. I'll be the little guy with the face for radio if there is any confusion. Don't try anything funny, old #53 might think you're a quarterback.  

Also know,  I crave feedback, so drop me a line on Twitter @JohnLundRadio. Tell me who you want to hear from, ask me a question, disagree with my stance on an issue, implore me to dig deeper on a stat. Let me know what you think.

I know there is a high standard here at, as there is for everything associated with the organization. I will make sure to reach that barometer every time I pound the keyboard. Commitment to Excellence goes further than the football field for me.  

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