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What the Chargers are Saying About the Raiders

*On the Raiders Pass Rush: *

Head Coach Mike McCoy: "You've got a challenge on both edges, so you've got to make sure everybody understands the scheme and how we're blocking things. You've got to neutralize them to a certain extent. All the great players in this league, they make their plays. You've always got to know where they are and how they're doing certain things. So you've got to do a great job of having good balance in the game and try to take advantage of what we can do."


Quarterback Philip Rivers**: "It certainly is different. You go against a team that just has one guy that can change the game from a pass rushing, edge pass rusher standpoint… It doesn't affect your planning as much because you have one side and without adjusting your game plan very much, you can put guys on him and make sure he doesn't ruin the game. But when there are guys coming on both ends, you certainly have to be more conscious. They both can wreck a game, no question about it. There's certainly guys that are starred on the scouting report, edge guys you have to take care of. Our tackles are obviously going to have a heck of a challenge."

Former Chargers center Nick Hardwick: "They've got Khalil Mack, young player, second year but he's really coming into his own, he's got three sacks this year, his productivity is going way up. Talking to tackles around the league, Khalil Mack is one of the hardest guys to block, to get your hands on him alone is quite the task, very good football player."


On Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr:*

Head Coach Mike McCoy: "A very talented young player that is only getting better with time. I think he can do it all. You love the way he – very similar to Philip – the way he doesn't hide a lot on the football field. He goes out there, he competes his tail off. He loves to play the game. You love the energy he plays with, the way he plays it. He can make every throw, make plays with his feet, avoid pressure when it gets there, and a very talented player. Having known him from when he was younger when I had his brother, David, in Carolina, it doesn't surprise me at all the way he's playing at this point in time in his career."

Quarterback Philip Rivers: "The little I've watched from both when we've played them, obviously you watch some and then the games that have been on T.V. I don't really know him, but I'll give you my two cents. I felt like even as a rookie he had the demeanor, and I don't know… He looks like a guy that can get guys to follow him and get guys to go and play. He looked like a guy that I go, 'He'll get it going.' You know what I mean? He looks like a guy that can make a group around him better and go. Even as a rookie it was kind of like shoot, if he can just consistently stay in there and play and they can get some continuity that you knew that he was plenty capable. He's obviously a young, talented guy. It seems like he and [Amari] Cooper have developed a rapport early on and you get [Michael] Crabtree in there. Again, I haven't obviously studied them, but just seeing them play and watching them play I think he's a good quarterback."


On Facing Charles Woodson:*

Wide receiver Keenan Allen: "It's been crazy ever since my rookie year, he's been doing it for so long, special. He's still playing at a high level, what is he 39? He looks 29. He's flying around making plays, he's obviously smart, he's just a playmaker."

Quarterback Philip Rivers: "It's unbelievable really what he's doing, I don't know how he feels at his age, maybe he still feels like he can keep going, it's unbelievable the plays he's making. The interception against Denver is about as good as you'll see. I have a great deal of respect for him. Just playing against him a lot of years, he plays the game the right way. He's a smart player and still can really run. He's all over the place.  I've always appreciated a chance to go against guys like that, Hall of Fame safety, corner at that, he's played a little bit of everywhere. Always fun to compete against him."

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